Our Coverage in Indian Equity Market

Equity investment is more prudent and beneficial when it is based on hard facts and data. While advising, we consider details of companies, sectors, historical balance sheets, profit & loss accounts, net reserves, debt level, net present value, future scope, business model, current trend, adaptability, endurance and many other determinants.

Invest With Patience

Investment is a business of long term commitment. Money is valuable. Do not invest your hard earned money unless you are absolutely sure that your will carry it a long way. For this, you may need an expert. Once, you make a decision, you will have to trust your decisions and stick to it unless something drastic happens that change your views on your investment. We mostly recommend and promote long-term investment (more than 3 years) to maximize the profit. Nevertheless, we also recommend investment for 1, 2 and more years.

The most difficult part is to exit your profitable investment. People do lose money by not exiting the stock at the right time. We recommend the right and exact exit point for your investment for investment of different time periods.