How to use collaboration for building a sustainable business model

📅 Updated: Sep 13, 2020
Business expansion is all about building new relationships and finding cohesive and sustainable business opportunities. The essence of communication and relationship building deeply lies in collaboration. As financial instruments are the tools which help us to make judicious investment and wealth creation, sustainable collaboration is a tool to harness, multiply and expand business potential mutually for all collaborating partners.

Secrets To Discover Right Price of Stocks

📅 Updated: Sep 13, 2020
Building best investment portfolio needs cherry picking stocks. Stock prices are volatile. Picking and buying stocks at right price can be a goldmine for lifetime but buying stock at the right price is not always easy. It is more difficult to small and medium investors as they lack required tools. You can make this as easy as bank deposit. Beginners can start with tips and concepts in this article, I made all time best return on my major investments...

You might have felt frustrated by the fact that whenever you bought a stcok the prices eventually slide down a lot and when you are sold out, the prices rose up a lot. So what is the right price to buy a stock becomes a nagging and intriguing issue.

How Artificial Intelligence will make blog convenient & user friendly

📅 Updated: Apr 11, 2018
The well known and most used Artificial Intelligence and Analytics software by bloggers is Google Analytics. Integrating AI within your blog bring about a lot of convenience for users like voice commands and so on. AI impact your blog interactions positively and have the potential to change the way people consume a blog. It brings user assistance for first time visitors and guide them is such a way that they feel awesome and love to return again and again. It makes your blog extremely user friendly. Artificial Intelligence in your blog marketing helps in expanding reader base.

9 ways to deal with clients fixed on impossible web design requirement

📅 Updated: Apr 02, 2018
Many a times, clients request such a design that cannot be implemented in a way client wants or say simply an impossible web design requirement. Many a times, you can convince your client for few modifications in design with logical argument, but sometimes they stay adamant on their request despite agreeing to your points. They often come with a statement that I understand your point but I want the same web design to be implemented.