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What's the right age for a child to get smart phone?

📅 Updated: Dec 21, 2017
Remember, although smart phone is a device of choice and has pros but it is not free from cons. It will open a Pandora box for a child. It is equipped with all the means which when misused can put you and your child in trouble. So before handing over a smart phone to your child you must have your thoughts clear about its usage by your child.

20 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Good health and Long Life

📅 Updated: Dec 17, 2017
Everyone has the same body system. Your health depends on the choices you make in your daily routine. The healthier your lifestyle habits are the better your body will be and you will enjoy good health with pride. Here are few healthy habits people with healthy body apply every day. The secret is open but those who complain actually lack in carrying out a discipline in their daily habits.

So, the most important lesson is to maintain healthy discipline and start loving yourself. In the rush of life, we generally tend to forget the life itself.