Terms of Authoring / Guest Post

Being a guest author for slippost, we recognize the value you add to the platform by contributing your post. Having you as an guest author at slippost, we are extremely obliged to receive your contributions relinquishing all your rights on them in favor of the platform. The platform will have all the rights to use and treat these posts as deemed useful and necessary.

The Slip Post always maintain the highest standard of publishing and that is why we enforce some rules for writing posts:
  • The post content must be original. We generally check content for plagiarism before allowing it to publish.
  • The post with thin content (<500 words) will be rejected right away.
  • No more than 2 outbound links are permitted. And these links shall be relevant to the page and blog posts in question.
  • The posts shall not be including any affiliate link from your site or others.
  • We do not offer any remuneration for writing for us.
  • Editors at slippost has the right to change/ add/ delete full/partial content before it publish to make it standard accomplice.
  • Editor can change the submitted post to suit the platform ethics. Author can query the reasoning or any concern behind the change through contact.
  • No claim can ever be made on the published posts on slippost.com by any author / writer. The content once posted is the property of "The Slip Post".
  • We do not guarantee the benefits directly to the guest post author. And we do not guarantee publishing. Posts will the published only after passing the quality level and suitability to the platform.

Benefits of being an author at slippost

  • Once, you write 10 published posts, you will have the separate URL showing all your blogs like a micro-site and you will be entitled to get benefits of premium author.
  • Once you have 25 published posts (with 1200+ word count) with us, You will be acknowledged as a partner and we will add you as a knowledge partner on our website.
  • After 50 published posts (with 1200+ word count) with us, you will be recognized as a partner author. We will operate social media promotion programs of your posts (on your behalf) on our own social profile pages. You will also be allowed for sales pitch on your posts on 10% of your blog posts (subject to only 1 sales pitch in the post) which is otherwise not permitted.

What may lead to removal of your author account

  • Furnishing wrong information on mobile number will lead to deactivate the user account.
  • Non activity for more than 15 days immediately after registering with us may lead to deactivation of your author account. Write at least 1 post in the first 15 days avoid such deactivation.
  • Any slangs/foul words, discriminatory content, porn / adult only content, content creating dis-harmony and divide among people etc shall lead to removal of your account without warning.
  • The administrator may deactivate the author account anytime without notice if the content violates the rules laid out for publishing at slippost.
  • The administrator has the right to change the authoring and publishing rules anytime without notice. You need to agree to the terms again to continue publishing.

Note: Images, videos, podcasts and any visible items on the page including text are content.

Categories available for authoring

As of now, we are accepting guest posts on the following categories.
1. Technology
2. Online Marketing
3. SEO
4. Websites (Design, Development, Security and Performance)
5. Business
6. Lifestyle (with reference to technology intervention)

More categories will keep coming as the platform flourish.