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Reverse Adsenese Calculator | Adsense Monetization Planner

Set You Goal, Enter Number Of Article / Blog You Have.

Input Industry Average Payment Per Click(PPC) By Google Adsense

#1. How much yearly income do you want (Goal)? $
#2. How many atilcles do you have?
#4. Click through ratio (CTR in %) as in Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)
#3. Expected Payment Per click (PPC) $
#5. Age of your website

How to fill the form

  • All fields are mandatory
  • #1 - Enter the USD amount that you want to earn from your blogging activity. Results in other currencies can be obtained if your enter the yearly expected early income in corresponding USD amount (based on current exchange rate)
  • #2 - Enter the number of articles that you have or will write to achieve that goal amount
  • #3 - Enter the average earning that you can get for every click of advertisement posted by Google
  • #4 - Enter the CTR value that you see in Webmaster tools search console or average CTR that you are expecting
  • #5 - Select the age of your website (domain age)

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