SEO: Why Content Quality And Relevance Wins Over Backlinks

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Sep 10, 2020 | Views: 199
Off-page SEO and acquiring backlinks continue to be a big pain point for lots of authors who lacked off-line marketing skills due to their passive approach to backlinks. Here is a good observation (rather a breather) for those who create amazing content but lack off-page SEO skills, a key marketing technique.

Here, when we mention quality content, we mean relevant content focussed entirety on the topic. The content is drafted for users and not for search engines.

Three months before now, my website had 201 backlinks with 25 uniques domains pointing to my blog. My website traffic was in the range 400-450 clicks per month. Now, after recent Google update 2020, I lost backlinks and now it is 105 (a loss of more than 90). But surprisingly, my clicks rose to 2.4K.

I was surprised by the results. The surprise was due to the fact that it was against the 
popular belief - more back links more authority more traffic.
This belief is flodded over the internet and widely propagated by online marketing and SEO experts. 

I wanted to go a little deeper. So, I started checking it with Alexa ranks as well. And again, I was surprised that sites with substantially higher DA has fallen to my traffic level. 

Next, I further checked it against the valuation websites which gives values (in USD) for a particular site. I checked it with the companies which were 3 times valuation of my site 3 months ago has fallen to my website valuation level while holding much higher domain authority.

Conclusively,, it gave me a very strong and important signal - On Google SERP,  Alexa -  domain authority (which is a major function of backlinks profile) is not good enough to get tons of web traffic.

Then, What was it that drove my site traffic up while DA was low?: it was the content quality and it's relevance to topic along with a few quality backlinks. You don't need a ton of backlinks. You have to carefully place your presence on sites which is in the Google's radar of good sites and people come to search content related to your domain topics.

Content quality and relevance makes your website a long term player rather than generating immediate and short term bump in traffic. For short term, you may work on advertisements, comment backlinks and posting on directory services etc.

Is backlinks dead?

No. You probably need to change your perspective about the backlinks profile. The backlinks profile of a website signal search engines as its popularity factor. Earlier, Google measured backlinks as a big trust factor. But with black hat SEO tactics and other mischiefs, it has weighed it lower as a trust factor. 

We all know that online businesses runs and thrive on traffic. This is true for search engines also and they can't avoid popularity altogether. Popularity can be faked, so it weighed down the backlinks profile and balanced it with adding weight to content relevance and quality.

Now, quality and relevance is more of a factor that it was before and backlinks is losing its shine. Accordingly, you also need to balance between content quality and backlinks profile.

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