How To Build A Donation Website For Your Non Profit

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Dec 07, 2019 | Views: 134
Step by step guide to concept of building website accepting donations from government, individuals, corporate and other sources for various purposes...
Donation and Fund Raising
Donation page on a website helps it to accept donation using internet e-commerce. With a built-in donation page, you can kick-start accepting donation from people using internet as a medium to access and participate in such programs.

Making a donation page is the first step in accepting donation online. But the hard work begins with convincing people to trust the website, its cause and donate online. Often, when you are working with social sector in private organization you realize that you need more funding. At some point of time you come up with an idea of crowd funding for social causes. When you plan to build donation website, the first technical aspect is to understand:
What is a donation website and how do you build it?
Donation website is a web application that accepts donations from its users. Building a donation website can be very simple. You may also choose to build customized application if you want full control on the methodologies of accepting donation from your customers.

1. Build a page to accept donation by adding donation button

Donation websites can be simple where it has a page asking people to donate for a cause. The page describes may describe the purpose, tax rebate and the usage of the fund received.

These pages can easily be built on a website created by Web CMS framework. Place donate button on the page and redirect it to your payment gateway page like PayPal when user clicks that button.

2. Develop your donation website as an e-commerce platform

You can also transform your website into an e-commerce website to accept the donation. In this case, you can control every aspect of donation from billing, payment, delivery of tax relief certificates and other transactional information. You can keep these records for future references.

Here, you can use e-commerce platforms or build e-commerce system from scratch. Here you create a product with variable pricing with an initial price say $20.

The consumer can buy the product on initial price or can increase the price / donation (since the product is a variable price product).

Take a case where you are planning to accept donation for Girl’s education.

Name the product as Girl’s education and set the price tag as $20. Also mark this product as variable price product.

Make a page for displaying details of this product and allow people to navigate this page to accept money / donation for a Girl's education. On checkout page, allow users to increase the donation amount. Let them checkout and your donation site is ready.

In making such a system, you can make use any e-commerce framework you are comfortable with. Even though variable pricing is not supported by many e-commerce CMS frameworks, you can still make it with fixed prices. Create different version of same products (with different name) as a stand-alone product. Set fixed prices for each versions.

Create a page for each version of the donation product with complete details and allow adding it to cart and final checkout.

Success tips for an online donation
  • Promote your page and furnish complete details about your program. Do not hide any details form the donors. It helps convincing people about your intent. The transparency and the details help them in deciding about the donation positively.
  • Distribute your program to right audience using different media - be it SEO, SMO, social campaign, email campaigns, newsletters, classifieds or other PR initiatives.
  • Promote and market using online marketing techniques: on-page and off-page SEO to obtain maximum outreach.
  • Try to convert every person reaching to your donation page. Educate them and tell them the personal and social benefits he / she can get.

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