How To Build Website For Accepting Donations

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Oct 25, 2019 | Views: 38
Step by step understanding - the concept of building website accepting donations from government, individuals, corporate and other sources for various purposes...
Donation and Fund Raising
Often, when you are working with social sector in private organization you realize that you need more funding. At some point of time you come up with an idea of crowd funding for social causes. When you start the process for a donation website, the first technical aspect is to understand : 
what is a donation platform and how do we build it?
Donation website is an e-commerce website where there is a product with variable pricing with a initial price set say $20.

The consumer can buy the product on initial price or can increase the price (since the product is a variable price product).

Suppose you are making a product for Girl’s education. Name the product as Girl’s education and set the price tag as $20. Also mark this product as variable price product. Now allow people to select such products and buy it. On checkout allow them to increase the prices and then final checkout and your donation site is ready.

In making this use any e-commerce framework you are comfortable with. Even though variable pricing is not supported by the framework you can still make it with fixed price by appropriately naming the product and setting various prices for a variety of products.