How to check SEO Ranking Ability and SEO Health of Your Page

To succeed as a professional blogger, maintaining the ranking ability of your web pages is one of the most important factor. Search engine continue to push high quality pages up in SERP. This quality corresponds to SEO health of your page. It determines how much effort search engines will put to bring your content to new users.

Rankability Test

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Transition words: these are the describing words e.g. "so, but, because, due to, therefore etc". These words make sense to the preceding text and hence add logical values to the entire context.
Passive voice: it makes the your content less authoritative. Minimize it's use to bring it below 10%.

How to use this tool to measure SEO health


  • You can add many keywords to test against your web page. The keywords shall be separated by comma (,).
  • The first keyword will act as the main focus keyword and rest of the keywords will be used to determine the keyword density only.
  • The SEO rank-ability and SEO health report will be for the main keyword's ability to rank for.

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