How to check and improve SEO Ranking Ability of Your Page

To succeed as a professional blogger, maintaining high ranking ability of your web pages is the most important factor. Search engine continue to push high quality content pages up in SERP. The content quality corresponds directly to SEO health and SEO power of your page. It determines how much effort search engines will put to bring your content to new users. Using this real time content analytics tool, and the guideline, one can easily cure their page to attain best ranking possibility.

Rankability Test

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Minimize passive voice (<10%) & Maximize Transition Words(>30%)


Transition words: these are the describing words e.g. "so, but, because, due to, therefore etc". These words make sense to the preceding text and hence add logical values to the entire context. At the same time, it makes content less authoritative.
Passive voice: it makes the your content less authoritative. 

Try to minimize transition word and passive voice. Put an effort to bring it below 10% of the document.

How to use this tool to measure SEO health


  • You can add many keywords to test against your web page. The keywords shall be separated by comma (,).
  • The first keyword will act as the main focus keyword for which ranking ability will be calculated and rest of the keywords will be used to determine the keyword density only. Only use keywords that has been used in your content page.
  • The SEO rank-ability and SEO health report will be for the main keyword's ability to rank for.

Page Title

Write your page title in title box. Make sure that you include your keywords / key phrases you want to rank for. In your actual HTML document, if shall go into the title or h1 tag.

Meta Description

Write your meta description of web page here. Meta description is a small paragraph that comes below the title in SERP. Add keywords / brief summary of containing blog / article into the meta description and try keeping it in the range of 50-60 words limit..

HTML Content

Copy and paste your HTML content or plain text content in the content box. Don't panic if the display is not exactly like the one you expected. It could be due to CSS you have  used but not used in our editor. The result will not be affected by the design.