Adsense Revenue Calculator

This AdSense calculator help maximize your AdSense money by discovering potential earnings estimates for your websites and blogs. A calculator that gives you a peek earning insight if you are a quality publisher.

Google Adsense is one of the most trusted and preferred platform for publishers to earn advertising money using a website or a blog. Google Adsense is the most rewarding ad-money payout platform than any other platforms.

How much you can earn with your current blog

Using this Adsense revenue calculator, you can estimate your income potential from Google advertising using it's AdSense program.

This AdSense calculator helps you estimate advertising earning potential of your website  using Google AdSense program even before you roll out your website. You shall know page-views, click-through ratio (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) to use this calculator.

Calculate / Estimate Earning with Google Adsense

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Once you assess the earning potential of your website or blog, but it did not match your earning goals, then you need better analysis and insights that directly or indirectly impact your advertising revenue. Since, this eventually lead to loss of publishing revenue, you need remedies to increase your advertising income. Here are the steps you can take to accomplish your revenue target. Use reverse ad-sense calculator planner tool to get website AdSense revenue estimates against AdSense income expectations. Get expert analytic guidance, figure out the issues with your blog posts and take corrective measures before you publish your post.

Use this AdSense Calculator for any currency - USD, INR, EURO, GBP and others. USD is the default currency.
NOTE: If you are not in USA, change the values into USD before you enter into input boxes. Convert the result into your basic/native country currency.

Factors Affecting AdSense Revenue

There are many factors that affect "how much revenue you earn" from PPC (pay per click) methods. It all depends on the advertisers who bid for paying to the target website. The factors are:
  • Bid types
  • Click through ratios (CTR)
  • Website quality
  • Niche / Topic
  • Device Type
  • Geography / Country

The live bidding process is run and overlooked by Google and a value attached with the Ad-impression. This is the money you get when a user visiting your website or blog clicks on Google ads displayed on your website.

Average industrial CPC

Personal Finance0.34%$0.83
Travel & Hospitality0.46%$0.48
Health & Medicine0.32%$0.62
Online Media & News0.59%$0.19
Real Estate0.24%$0.75

How to use AdSense Revenue Calculator

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  • #1 - Average daily page views (from Google Analytics) 
  • #2 - CTR Percentage (Click through ratio: the number of people clicking on Google advertisements per 100 visits) 
  • #3 - Expected earning per click when a visitor clicks on advertisement - in your currency (USD, INR or other).

However, AdSense profit is lucrative, but can only be realized if you are able to increase page visibility and rank with search engines. These two go hand in hand with AdSense income maximization.

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