20 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Good health and Long Life

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Dec 17, 2017 | Views: 209
Healthy habits are physical and mental discipline. Start with a warm glass of water, green tea, smart snack. Get along with exercises, balanced meal and end it with a meditation and sound sleep. Methods adopted may differ but benefits are sure to come.
Everyone has the same body system. Your health depends on the choices you make in your daily routine. The healthier your lifestyle habits are the better your body will be and you will enjoy good health with pride. Here are few healthy habits people with healthy body apply every day. The secret is open but those who complain actually lack in carrying out a discipline in their daily habits.So, the most important lesson is to maintain healthy discipline and start loving yourself. In the rush of life, we generally tend to forget the life itself.Don’t you know where to start?See below-and checkout what you can start with:

#1. Start your day with a glass of water

A healthy lifestyle begins with a perfect morning. A warm glass of water starts your morning perfectly with hydrating and cleansing your digestive system. It prepares your body for the rest of the day. Keep a tall glass of water ready on the side table of your bed before you go to sleep. Take it before you rise up. If you can squeeze a lemon and a pinch of rock salt in it, that would be even better.

#2. Take green tea

Green tea has EGCG, a super potent nutrient almost exclusively found in green tea has the potential to help break down fat and discourage new fat cells. It is rich source of anti oxidants that gives your system a kick and helps to extract extra calories from existing fat. It also helps in burning existing fat. From today onwards, say no to sugary and packaged soda drink. Avoid bottled coconut milk. Strat taking green tea in regular intervals throughout the day.

#3. Snack intelligently

Snack is the best way to keep your metabolism fired up and steady. Prepare your snack in advance for entire week. For example start your morning snack with 3-4 almonds, walnuts and plum with honey lemon drink. For in between snacks, you can take fruits, sprouts, peanuts etc. Remember, never allow hunger pangs to appear.

#4. Use mixed salt in your meal

Salt is an ingredient of approximately all kinds of meals. Plain iodized salt is processed chemically and have high level of sodium which reduced the flexibility of heart muscles. This is the reason why snacks having high sodium content are considered junk food. Start an extremely good habit to avoid high salt intake in a day. Use a mix of iodized and rock salt in a jar and use that in your daily food.

#5. Replace sugar with healthy sweeteners

Now days, everyone knows that sugar causes a lots of life style diseases like diabetes, high BP, cardio vascular diseases etc. Reduce excess sugar intake in everyday routine. Try avoid sugar when possible but if cannot be avoided use jaggery or brown sugar in place of white sugar. You can use it in tea, sweet dish and many other desserts. These healthy sweeteners will reduce long term health risk.

#6. Add lots of fruits and vegetables in every day diet

Please include lots of fruits and vegetable in your everyday meal. They are rich source of anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers. They are essential for good immune system, maintaining blood pressure, fight against ageing, keeping you fit and fresh. Vegetables and fruits are rick source of iron which is responsible for making hemoglobin in blood cells. The higher the hemoglobin, the better and fresher you feel. Lemon is an inexpensive substitute of vitamin C which protects you from common cold and is a mood elator.

#7. Keep standing more than sitting

To keep yourself fit and healthy, try to be on a move as much as possible in a day. As per various international research papers, it has been continuously cited that an adult person must have a minimum movement of 10,000 steps (nearly 3kms) a day to keep adequate body balance. While in office, you can take a walk after lunch break or have a walking session or meeting with your colleagues.

#8. Make your own meal at home as much as possible

Prepare your meal at home every time or in advance. In this way, you can control your balance of nutrients and serving portion size. Restaurant generally serves more than you want and add more fats, sugar, sodium and monosodium glutamate to enhance taste and punch of the meal. All of these are going to cause lifestyle disease. Above that, in order to finish your food, you do overeat. Be in your own diet control.

#9. Calories are not important but balance is for sure

Don’t calculate much in the calorific value of your meal. Rather look out for the quality of mix that you are having. Make sure that you use different colored vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates in required proportions. Use curd, green salads, sprout and dry roasted snack daily and avoid pickles.

#10. Schedule workouts in advance

This is very important not to skip exercise session. Schedule a session in advance for 30 minutes every day. Include aerobics for a cardio vascular exercise. You can also do yoga and stretching. Avoid heavy exercise. Don’t overdo exercises. Avoid gym and develop healthy workout habit at home. Do a little weight lifting at home regularly.

#11. Reject soda drinks

Soda based or aerated drinks cause obesity and hard fat deposition. Reject in all cases if you want a flat and strong tummy. If you don’t, you are bound to have what is popularly known as soda belly. Replace these drinks with honey lemon drink, green tea, black tea or black coffee. Do not add sugar in those drinks.

#12. Avoid emotional eating

We live in a society where we interact with people of various cultures and celebrate various occasions and festivals. To keep people or family happy, we generally eat those foods which are not healthy or we eat too much to express our emotions. Learn to deny those food gracefully. Reduce your meal on occasions and be very selective in what you eat there.

#13. Skip creamy meals

Any dishes which have used whipped cream are the most dangerous meal for your log term health. If you take once a while, this is ok but try to skip creamy dishes at all cost. Try having recipes which are clear and soupy with less oil. Avoid creamy soups. Ask the chef to serve dressings separately so that you can control its amount.

#14. Avoid fried food from hotels or streets

Avoid crispy fried food as much as possible. It has higher amount of trans-fats that are a source of cholesterol. When you order food from hotels or restaurants, they cook in the same pan that was used earlier without washing and removing grease. This adds additional fats in the meals that are served to you.

#15. Sleep well at all cost

The most important aspect towards being healthy is to have 8 hours in a day sleep. Except for an emergency situation, never avoid proper and timely sleeping hours. Relaxed brain and body cleanse your system and prepares body and brain for the next day. Inadequate sleep causes anxiety, hyper-acidity, appetite loss, body tremors, concentration loss and many more such issues that destroy your day.

#16. Stay active all the day

When you keep yourself active when you are not exercising, you tone up your body for endurance. This helps you work for longer hours.

#17. Do some jaw and neck exercises in leisure time

Everyone wants to look good and fresh. You should do jaws and neck exercise whenever you get time. Even when you are sitting on a chair in relaxed position, do rotate your neck around or opens mouth wide or pull your lips inwards. These small little jiggle can keep your face in shape and make your neck stronger.

#18. Prepare for party

Do dance a lot, enjoy more and eat less and selectively. Do avoid soda drinks and eat more salads with less sauces and dressings. Try baked food than fried ones. Don’t take creamy soups. Avoid large amount of desserts. The best way to deal with temptation is to have more water and keep hydrated.

#19. Be flexible with your meal

While socializing, it is not possible to be on a strict diet all the time. So, it is important to be a little flexible with your daily meal. Balance it with more exercises, lots of water and low calorie diet. Avoid sugary drinks or beverages if possible. Remember the truth that no matter how you deal with your every day dietary habit, it will have a direct (positive or negative) impact on your physical, emotional and mental well being.

#20. More quick tips

  • Have a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal.
  • Take a brisk walk
  • Never look for more than 20 minutes on computer at a stretch
  • Never watch TV for more than 2 hours a day
  • Don’t drink milk just before going to bed. Take it at least 2 hours before
  • Wash your eyes many times a day
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Do bath with warm water
  • Avoid cooled water