Web Components that can change Trends of Web App Development

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Sep 04, 2019 | Views: 272
Top Web components that change the way web development happens. Future modules for social and online business. Web and mobile apps are leading the web technology trends of 2018. Smart apps are the future of attracting larger market share and revenue. Be ready with upcoming tech trends on internet
Whether you are a naive, amateur or professional, the future of web will flow in the direction of web development and your must have the sense of this trend. The online businesses / market has emerged as being the market of convenience and super ease of use model, the trends will be lead by the complex platforms with a collection of web components that makes web application development and integration process extremely easy, integration of artificial intelligence in social and online business market place, CRM (customer relationship management) and many more.

Here are the few components that are changing the internet business economy and its applications:

#1. Chatbot

Chatbot is an AI module / components, which interacts with your visitor in real time giving an impression of interacting with someone at the opposite end. These interactions build trust and trustworthiness emboldens customers to buy products and service from a website. Chatbot induces such feelings in your customers. Since it in intelligent program that uses machine learning, it understands typical conversation (from pre loaded data) and responds accordingly, it is also there 24*7 for your customers. It uses the context, sentiments and vocabulary to generate appropriate response. It gradually gets better in communication as it collects more and more data and learns from it. Chatbot will prove itself to be a virtual assistant to your visitor / reader/ customer.

#2. Motion UI

This is Saas (Syntactically awesome style sheet) meant for helping websites / web apps with animation with ease. This adds various effects, animations and transitions with its awesome CSS style sheet and the way this is controlled. This builds a lively environment and use lazy loading for images which also improves the website performance with image heavy pages. Find demonstration by Webace.in templates.

#3. Single page scrolling website

Simple one page website was in demand and it will continue to be in demands though 2018. Individuals, freelancer, independent professionals, startup enterprises, small and medium business websites need such web apps. These can be easily created like parallax websites. Parallax websites using Motion UI will build an awesome looking website in no time.
The other way of making such sites could be like a one page scrolling site like a facebook page or pages with Motion UI. When user reaches the bottom of a page, the next segment gets loaded. The technique used to build such website is partial page loading. Here are the example of Personal Websites with a single page.

#4. Voice command services

We all know that the coming generation wants easier way of communication and what easier could be than voice commands. All major web and mobile companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are making such services which allow understanding voice and converts that into command to execute.

Wordpress has joined hand with Amazon voice services for voice integration to bring voice command abilities into its platform. Other platform will also soon follow suit. Google has also started to offer same services over the cloud. Large scale rollout will take some time, but it could be most popular in 2018.

#5. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an augmentation of real / physical environment with overlaid computer added vision or information. This augmentation could be in 2D or 3D space.

Mobile is the best suited device for it as it requires high resolution camera, microphones, GPS, few sensors and an intelligent program (AI). With augmented reality, you can view your surrounding in 3D, rotate the same at different angles like the way you play in real time 3D games, could see other things like live cricket score overlaid over the real physical environment.

It is already used heavily in gaming environment, in explaining a lot of concepts in educational training programs, in rescue missions to augment real image of a complex terrain with augmented details of the location etc.

#6. Live Video streaming services

Live video streams are the next generation development trend. Now such development is supported by all major platforms including social media platforms. We have its value in complex remote surgery either with machine or robotic hands. We have seen its use in healthcare surgery i.e. in angioplasty to insert stent in cardiac patient. Consulting in general using video streaming will likely be taken up by all sectors / industry.

Now, it is time to be using video streaming for general purposes and social consumption. Facebook has demonstrated that you can stream high quality videos in real time while answering the posts and comments at the same time; with text or in video. Augmented reality is also possible here when you are streaming and at the same time it is augmented with the related posts to your account and responding.

Imagination is the limit here for developers of such services.

#7. Real time Web Applications

Real time web apps that use web sockets, have been around for years but now they are getting more and more popular. The reason: users prefer fast interaction, quick information delivery, reliability and ability to share information instantly. What happens behind the scent is that a connection is kept open for the entire user session and the server pushes the new data as and when it is available for each and every connection.
While it was been common in some framework like Node.js, the trend for including such development architecture is being considered by almost all frameworks in its bundle of services. In ASP.NET, it is available with
and it makes the apps platform independent. Almost all frameworks and development platforms are gearing up to include this web development trend this into its core functionality.

#8. Progressive Web App - with mobile app like features

Progressive web apps are web applications that are regular web pages or website with functionality and design of mobile apps. They provide the benefits of most modern web browser features with the benefits of mobile experience.
With mobile revolution and with growing popularity of mobile apps, the usage trend is in favor of touch devices. These apps are responsive, fast and can work offline using better cache management. These apps can be installed on your mobile without having to download from App store. Read More about Progressive Web App.

#9. Mobile App Development

People browsing on mobile app is increasing at a fast pace. More than 80% of internet users are having smart phones and are using it to good effect. 
Now the question asked is not: Does your website work on mobile? It is: How best your website works on mobile?
Mastering mobile development and understanding how content can be best consumed on portable and smaller devices are the key challenges. The other challenge could be how the user uses his mobile device in different situation: Like when he is standing in a railway ticket counter. The website must be easily navigable with the use of single hand.

#10. Blockchain Network

Blcokchain is the most recent trend in web based application development. This adds redundancy, accuracy, reliability and availability to the web applications. Block chain creates a fail safe application architecture and adds an ability to harness load balancing. Big organizations were always in hunt to get rid of control that was limited by one or two places. Now they can build a block chain (interconnected / redundant) network applications, where every computer keeps copy of the shared database. Only the originating request will determine from what source the data will be received. With so much redundancy and load balancing, these networks will be difficult to bring down and ensure maximum availability. This network can be immensely helpful in avoiding network breakdown in case of physical disaster or catastrophe.

#11. Higher quality creative images

Creative, ideas and statistical images are always helpful and used time and again for demonstration purposes. High quality pictures, animations, videos and infographics are in demand and will continue to be in demand in the times to come. Developing such objects are indispensable and will continue to be a perpetual trend in design and development industry. This trend has also been enforced by the heightened activities and mushrooming of social interaction platforms where we generally share media files (images, videos, infographics, animations etc). 

#12. Background videos

With the rise of HTML 5 and video tag, playing short videos (looped videos) from external sources like Youtube is extremely easy on a website or mobile apps. We are witnessing such trends in entertainment, travel and fashion websites. Now, e-commerce sites are finding it extremely useful for the product display and describing its features in real time. With constantly increasing processing and rendering power it is extremely easy to add cinematic experience of a product which ultimately may lead to a better conversion.

#13. Internet of Things

IOT make devices smarter and it is the technology of the future devices. It is now almost there in every person’s life. It has not yet grown the way it was expected. But now since big players which are capable of making uniform UX like Google, Apple and Samsung are involved, it is more likely to achieve a bigger market presence in coming years. The uniform interfaces across range of devices will make customers comfortable in operating these devices.


These smart and intelligent web components form the web app development trends which will rule the way users interact with future systems. Search engines and marketing strategies will also follow suit. Therefore, it is important to prepare to incorporate these features in your web and mobile applications so that your application is future ready and take advantage as these trends leap up. Missing these will allow your tough competitors take advantage of your weaknesses.