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5 Reason why you should avoid free web hosting

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Feb 22, 2018 | Views: 183
In one word - Avoid. Stay in control, avoid free web hosting services. If Budget is an issue try to find a good economical host.
Free web hosting is offered by many hosting service providers, but you should understand that nothing comes for free. If someone offers you free service, they must be expecting some returns in some other ways that they can charge.

When something is offered free, the question of responsibility and liability never arise. Everyone who is serious about their work and preserving their business and intellectual properties shall never opt for these free services. Here are few points why you should avoid free web hosting.

#1. No guarantee of uptime, speed, bandwidth or support

Free hosting services do not give any assurance or guarantee on its services that is critical to website performance and availability.  These services will be available only when you upgrade to paid services.

#2. Blog can be stopped any time by the hosting service

Even though they may give you some notice period, they might stop other related services like DNS mapping etc so that you may not be able to use these services for redirection of your blog to other site or domain. All SEO ranking and references will be lost. Sometimes, they may delete all blogs without any notice.

#3. You cannot resell or copy your own blog

You cannot sell your blog or copy it from the hosting service provider. This is because, when you use other’s blog platform or free hosting, you are no longer the owner of your blog. For instance, when you use tumblr, facebook or any similar platform, whatever you write, it automatically becomes the property of hosting provider. You are not able to preserve your intellectual property rights.  Similarly, if you have a popular blog on a free host and you want to monetize it by selling, the hosting provider may decline that and eventually you will lose control on your work and blog.

#4. There is no control on server resources for you

Your host will determine your fate and your website. In case, your website is down and you want to correct it, you will have to keep requesting your host and wait for the host to respond. Since you are not paying for the service, you cannot log your grievances authoritatively.

#5. Don’t get befooled with sub-domain (always have a TLD) domain

Sometimes you may be tricked by buying a sub-domain from someone as free instead of [TLD:Top level domain]. For example, if you buy a domain for it is TLD, but when you buy a domain for it would be a sub domain because is a domain. Be careful.