How can I save data cost on my smart phone?

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Apr 19, 2017 | Views: 142
Save money by saving data. Ways to reduce data cost without compromising your work. Works on all smart phones on android, ios or windows smart phones

Internet data consumption may dent your pocket. There are many ways to reduce the dent and save cost on your data bill. One of the simple and quick way is to just enable data saver mode of chrome browser (or any browser like opera mini or Firefox) and set it to allow compression.

You will be able to reduce your data consumption anywhere between 50-70% without any effort. And, the good news is that it will save your battery usage and your phone will stay alive for few extra hours.

Other things that you can do for further reduce data usage are:

Disallow background data on the app which is more data hungry like face-book, twitter or linked-in.

Switch off notification on those apps which disturbs you most often and use it when you need it.

NOTE: Avoid private browsing or incognito mode as it always costs you more.