WEC: A Mobile friendly Website Design Framework on ASP.NET

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Jan 03, 2021 | Views: 725
In India, most of the developers had been reluctant to develop web application infrastructure and framework. They rather used existing frameworks despite restrictions posed by existing frameworks since building a new framework require a lot of time and resources and ROI on investment will be very little in initial years.
is a new entrant in web application framework and website design
framework developed by India. It is built with an aim to develop the fastest and the most secure web applications or websites over
http protocol
. WEC is a complete web framework built over ASP.NET 4.0 and MSSQL database. You can find its model implementation on www.themeorbit.com.While this framework has been implemented by small number of hosts, it has by far not been affected by any internet intrusions till date.The websites mentioned to have model implementation can be inspected for google mobile friendly test and its abilities in mobile friendly architecture.

Multi-site Framework

WEC is one of the best multi portal and multi user website design framework in India. With WEC website framework, you can easily build as many websites and web apps as possible without compromising performance. WEC framework is designed in such a way that more the load, better it performs and thus making the system highly scalable without performance degrade. It leverages the server resources and makes optimized use of it. This system has structured CSS support and hence supports flexible website design. It supports plug and play components and most of the components comes bundled with it.

Simple Setup

WEC websites are easy to setup. It comes with an installer. Just copy the WEC website framework where you want to host your web application. Create a SQL server database on the host. Invoke the installer and simply follow the instructions. During setup it will provide you with options of template to choose from.Choose an appropriate template. Your framework is set to rock. Plug and play components to extend your web application.

WYSIWYG Content Management System

WEC websites framework has a
CMS. In the simplest of its definition, you may call it a content management system like Wordpress(php), Drupal(php), Joomla(php), Umbraco(ASP.Net), Dot Net Nuke(ASP.Net) etc. But it is more than that. The application developed on this framework is beyond the CMS. You could transform your web application into an ERP system or online shopping or e-commerce marketplace application. You can extend and incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and make it the system of the future.

Supports Background Services and Task Scheduling

WEC india framework deploys its own task scheduler which is one of its USP. Most of its competitors lose when they are compared with its task management and scheduling ability. While primarily working over http protocol and hosted over a shared hosting, it still can schedule tasks and perform background services without having to log into the server. This one feature takes it ahead of other frameworks which generally rely on the server access to schedule their tasks.

Mobile Friendly Templates Architecture

Templates provides us a visual wireframe of a website and help us choose the right kind of website design from a set of design choices. This system is designed to harness the power of templated web applications. It has many templates and you can see few of those on www.themeorbit.com. All listed templates are built with WEC websites framework. All templates can be instantiated into website with click of a button with default content. What that mean is, that there is a mechanism that instantiates a selected template and attaches it with a domain name immediately. All those templates are instantiated and available there as a live demo. You will be able to get the website as it looks and functions in the live demo. Since website speed and mobile friendly website is an SEO ranking factor, You may also notice that all templates are mobile friendly and fast loading. You can check its performances in the Google page insights, Pingdom or GT Metrics.

Build a Secure Website

Security is the most important component of any web development framework. A strong security is what makes a difference between a weak development platformand an exterprize development platform. WEC framework has integrated and fine grained role based security implementation. Platforms like Wordpress provides basic security but for advanced security protection it requires additional plug-ins. In WEC framework, full range of web security is an integral part. It also protects your sensitive data from passing as a plain text over the insecure internet thereby giving you an extra layer of protection. This reduces chances of intercept by crooked intruder into your application. It has an built-in session based
which protects you from brute force attack. It has in-built mechanism to protect against denial of service (DDOS) attacks. In few words, we can safely that its security implementation is better than available security offered by popular frameworks like Wordpress(php), DNN(ASP.Net), Joomla(php) and Drupal(php).

Remote Site Inspection, Monitoring & Management

WEC framework provides a remote site manager. It has an built-in SQL manager. Being a host and using SQL manager, you can the manage all hosted sites on this framework. You have the ability to correct any anomaly in data using SQL manager remotely in the same way you administer Content Management System. This is an excellent feature which makes you a powerful webmaster.

Automated Exception Handling and Reporting

With WEC framework, you are no longer bothered about the errors happening on your website and your client complaining to you. WEC has automated exception handling, reporting and correcting mechanism that is one of the best features that build trust in you and your customers. Whenever something goes wrong with the system, the system does not show error messages to the user but reports it to the webmaster for immediate correction via email. This email includes the detailed error message, internal error codes and web http exceptions in the context in which it happened. With this feature, the administrators are able to correct problem before the customers register a complain. This also makes the system equipped with graceful exception handler and a good user testing unit. This is a great customer service.

Majestic SEO and Social Media Marketing Support

Only good website design is not enough to bring sweetness to your development effort. Digital marketing and social integration into web framework is very very important. WEC web framework has wonderful SEO support as it allows you to control meta data like title, description and URL structure. Articles in the blog component generates social media open graph meta tags and twitter cards. The components can be configured to change the heading tags with settings as decided by the webmaster.
Canonical URLs
are also supported and created automatically. You can generate sitemap for your site on a page in HTML as well as XML format.301 redirects are achieved when non www domains are requested to deny a confusion to search engines. It has a provision to map 301 redirects to transfer content from one URL to other without losing
ranking. Each and every web page have the capability to set its corresponding Robots meta tag setting.You can also set Robots tag for the site. Page level setting of Robots meta tag will override site level Robots meta tag.

Friendly URL and Custom Short URL Support

Short and friendly URL is now a ranking factor as announced by google. WEC framewrok deploy a default URL parser with installation that builds hackable and friendly URL. While creating a page, you can also control the URL formatting. You can allot a short and custom URL for an otherwise long URL. You can append head keywords and/or long tail keywords in the resulting URL.

URL Blocking

WEC framework has the ability using which you can also block a specific URL or a pattern of URL from entering into the app. This is certainly helpful when a dynamic page is called with a parameter and you want to protect such page with manipulated or forged URLs or bad intensions of intruders.

Easy Page Building

You can easily build, design and configure your web page with WEC website framework. After you create a page you can add plug-ins in different section of the page like an aggregator. In this process, you would be able to set the security for that page. You will be able to set who will be able to see this page or who will be able to edit this page. When nothing is set, the page can be viewed by public as anonymous page. In this way, you can control web page security. You can also set the expiry date on a page, which will make the web page available until then only. The default action is that the page is always accessible.

Easy Domain Mapping

Many a times, the need arises to shift the domain of a website. With WEC framework, it is very simple and is just a few clicks away. Not only this, here, you can map multiple domains to a single web application and this makes it a true multi portal system. When you create a website with this framework, it is called a portal and it has an ID associated with it. Being a webmaster, you will have the ability to map this ID with as many domain names as possible. Once the site mapping is done, all those domains will map to the designated Portal ID or website.

Build Fully Customizable Web Application

The framework can be customized in a way user wants it to be. Templates can be easily created easily with a few guidelines and can be integrated into it. New plug-ins is easier to make, install and put to use. WEC framework supports structured CSS to achieve total design control and customization.

Pluggable Application Component

There are many built-in application components that come with WEC website framework. To list a few, we have HTML Editor, Link, Link Group, Associates, Personnel, Warticle (for web article publishing), Blog, Image Gallery, Newsletter, Dynaform (User defined dynamic form), Chat, Slider, FAQ, Local Directory, Utility (for contact us, google map, sitemap etc), Social Plugins, Menu, Submenu etc. Each of these modules has many views (the way these modules are displayed) that can be customized using structured CSS classes.

Integrated File Management

WEC framework has its own file management system to manage all the files uploaded on the server. This system has its own built-in API to help webmaster and/or developer to manage files within the portal. You can also apply security permissions at the file and folder level. The system follow a strict sand box file structure where each module has its separate folder where their respective files are stored. 

In a nutshell, this framework can be configured into the following kind of applications: 
A web MIS
Build your own plug-in for your custom requirement, install and used it with this framework to extend it to a web based Management Information System. Example – www.themeorbit.com 
An ERP System 
Since this framework is easy to extend and is fully configurable, it can be extended into enterprise resource system easily. 
An e Commerce 
An e-commerce plug-in has been built by Webrings India to demonstrate its capability. The platform of www.themeorbit.com is a website service (SAAS) platform.

You can also extend it to any kind of applications like: a comprehensive web portal, a social media platform or other applications with WEC mobile friendly web application and website design framework of India. 

The system is not available in public right now, you can directly write to neeraj.follow@gmail.com for further details, queries or partnership tie-ups. Provide your full communication details in your email.