Website as Service Vs Self hosted Website

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Sep 27, 2016
Key to online success: choose carefully between website as service and self hosting. Small business shall avoid resource hungry website solutions.
Website as service (WAS) is a great way to save money and allows you focus on your business. It allows your website to be handled by experts and you need not bother about hiring software programmers, maintenance staffs, graphic designers etc. Essentially, you are free from taking regular backups, updating security, upgrading software and so on.

For a small company, NGO, trust, societies, startup and many more, this is a huge burden and people sometime gets bogged down when they encounter problems with their website.

This offers a huge saving as you will not require hiring any technology expert, programmers or maintenance staffs. Still you are being served by highly skilled people.

With self hosted website, where you setup your website on a server by yourself. You owe the responsibility of installing, backup, maintenance, security and mistakes that you make while working with your site. And imagine if you are not a technology freak, or have technical team, you will end up hiring many good people ranging from graphic designers, SEO experts, web content writers, programmers and sometime even database experts. This will force you to bear recurring cost on you which can pile up with the time.

On Internet, there is many such service providers who provide you these services. Few of them are Wix, Template Monster, Wordpressand Webace. Out of these, Webace offers instant website solutions with free content update for the first time.

Beware of FREE
Free comes with no responsibility at all. They are not bound to listen to you. They will only look to somehow trick you to fall into a payment trap.

When you pay they automatically become responsible for your website jobs. So, look out for a good service than a free service.