21 Reasons Why I Need A Website

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: May 06, 2020 | Views: 462
Internet is now an economy with 2.5 billion people. Be it websites, blogs, online market, affiliates, mobile apps, social apps or collaborative community all together constitutes internet economy. If you like to be in this economy, think again why don’t I need a website and take your answer.When someone asks or advise you to have a website for your business, the first question that strikes is that why do I need a website? I am doing well. What are the benefits that I will get or how a website will help me expanding my business?Let’s be clear. Here are the list of advantages and benefits that come with website directly or indirectly in terms of business, finance, goodwill, trust or customer confidence etc.

1. Website is your first impression in Internet Business community

Think of your website as your online brochure and internet as business community. Even when you are not leveraging internet economy, you will have your brand presence felt. If you have advertised your business products or idea that you sell, most of the time, it could have been in the form of making and distributing brochures among your contacts / customers. Or you could have distributed pamphlets, hired a display hoardings, small billboards etc. All these conventional ways of advertising are way too expensive than having a website.So, you can treat your website as a well designed online brochure with all what you want to convey to your business associates and stake holders. You are able to place all highlights and resources in one central place where people can see what you offer.Now instead of spending too much on printing and distributing brochure, you can transform your website as a brand to showcase your offerings and values.

2. More customers as 2.5 billion people are on internet everyday

Being in business, you will definitely like to expand your prospects and customers. Internet and web technology apps are consumed by nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide every single day. Be a part of this internet community and internet economics. People in this digital space looks for internet as the first choice to find out their information related to their needs. They search that information on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. If you do not have a website, you are missing the opportunity to express your brand.

3. Website adds business value and creditworthiness

Let us take a situation where you are looking for a loan of some kind for your business. You approach a bank and the bank asks about your web address. When you are not able to provide a website address, the bank comes to a conclusion that your business is not in a position to expand itself to digital economy and it may be difficult to return the loan for the business. You lose. Your website creates a business value for you and creditworthiness.

4. Opportunity to influence and educate people

With your ideas, innovation or products, you can influence your audience and your customers immediately. The website gives you the power to be an influencer on social media and digital space. Update your website and promote your products using social platforms like facebook, twitter, Google plus, instagram, pinterest, tumbler etc. This is the most economic and effective way of business promotion. Customer who are linked with you or regularly visits your website will immediately be notified about the new development in your business space.

5. Website to show off your work

Website is a great online platform to Show off your work. You can unleash your imaginative and creativity and go on for limitless publishing on the web. When you show off your work combined with with good design, you are more likely to stay ahead of your competition. You can use multi-media tools like videos, presentations, audio clips and downloadable resources etc in a remarkably effective way. You can use info-graphics as an effective creative presentation.

6. Revisit your work

When you write and update content on your website, you grab a chance to revisit your business goals and keep working on it which otherwise you don’t. This habit helps your business stay updated and aligned with the market.

7. Low entry barrier

Website making is not an expensive proposition these days. There are many website design frameworks available for creating amazing websites. Few of them include Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and WEC. Out of these WEC is built on ASP.Net technology which others are built on PHP. You may get free websites and good templates although with some undisclosed restrictions. To get a well designed website is also not expensive unless you are going for absolutely custom website.

8. Communication with customers

Customer engagement is an effective tool to build loyal community. You can embed online chat web app, contact us from into your website. You may also engage and connect with your customers and prospects though your social media pages and newsletters. This is a huge advantage of having a website and using it diligently for your benefit. It also has immense power for referral marketing. Satisfied customers can refer your website to others and they may discover that your are the ones they were looking for.

9. Digital and Social Marketing

It is easier to promote your products using strategic digital marketing campaign. You can use your website to display your social engagement and allow customers to meet your followers. Use twitter, facebook, Google plus, tumblr, pinterest and linkedin account to spread your words and products. They drive traffic to your website and people get the opportunity to know you. If you have a website where you can sell things directly or indirectly, in cash or kind, you will be able to monetize with your website activities. With a good website design, you may sell products for others using affiliate marketing.

10. Build Customer support

You can provide customer support facilities through your website. Using a CRM, you can accept grievances of your customers and address their problems online. You can also get the customer feedback and many more such things related to customer satisfaction.

11. Have an email

In the digital market and internet economy, businesses cannot say no to emails. With the e-governance practices are in upswing, you will need email to participate in e-tenders, income tax filing, purchase and selling of financial instruments etc. And to have email in the name of your business, you must have a domain and optionally a website.

12. Online press releases

You can send out a press release for the online media houses on your website. If written well and excitable way; in the news hungry society, your news may be picked by some media houses and you made your day.

13. Website renders Credibility

Website gives your business credibility. A business which does not have a website is not preferred by online customers. Suppose you have advertised on Yellow pages. When a customer gets your reference from Yellow pages along with 3 more service providers, the customer is more likely to call / pick that service provider which has a website and offers some customer support in the written form on his website.

14. Beat the big players

It is very difficult to compete with the established business players in any work domain using conventional methods. Using these conventional methods is very demanding in terms of resources and finance. Startups generally start with low pool of resources. But having a well designed, well promoted and good online marketing, you have the tool of your choice to beat the big guys in your industry. What is needed is that you harness all possible digital ways to promote your products and services. This is possible by adopting a good and sustained digital marketing strategy.

15. Helps you find a new job easier than others

Suppose, you were an individual working in some company and left your job due to some reason. Now you are looking for a new job. If you have your own well designed website, you will suddenly find out easier to get a job than others. The reason is when employer looks at your profile and sees your website; he will immediately know your online potential and experience on internet usage and development. This showcase of skills will take you in the front seat ahead of others.

16. Gather feedback

Feedbacks from your customers are invaluable asset. With feedback, you can figure out what is in the mind of customers, their aspirations, grievances and suggestions for improvement. You can collect customer feedback and continue to improve your product and service quality. This helps in business transformation.

17. Sell directly or indirectly

Website helps in direct or indirect commercial activity. With website you can implement e-commerce operation by either having your own online store, affiliate marketing, blog marketing and selling variety of online services. When a visitor comes to a website they are looking for information and a guide who can help them in some form. A website can be like a guide helping to select a product from jungle of ill informed choices.

18. Leverage social networks

Your website is as a collection of resources. Boast on your social activities that are good for the society in general. Show them you have a human and cordial approach towards dealing with customers. Show them your good work and uplift faith in them. With social media you can brand your business value and ethics. Tell your visitors why people like you and keep doing good.

19. Single point of access to all resources and marketing

Your website is a single access point where you ensure your visitors that they will not miss anything about you and your business, products or services. Try your best to provide as much information as possible. More information means more trust.

20. Customer convenience

Presence of a good website gives a comfort and convenience to your customers and prospects. They feel comfortable in communicating, buying or doing business with you. They also have some sense of trust in terms of availability of post sales service and support.

21. Website for customer reviews

We can use our website for customer reviews and feedback. This is very important in customer relationship management (CRM). In the due course, we learn behavior of customers and adapt our businesses accordingly. Customer feedback also helps us upgrade our way of doing business.