Digital Marketing

10 important tips to boost your SEO page ranking

📅 Updated: Jun 21, 2018
When you are using search engine traffic as the source of your business or as one of the driver of your business growth, Do proper SEO for each page of your web site. This will rank your pages higher and ultimately draw more organic traffic towards your website pages.

How To Get Quality Backlinks (Smart Backlink Strategies-2018)

📅 Updated: Jun 21, 2018
Backlinks are one of the most important factors in allocating pagerank to web pages across all major search engines. What page rank does to a web page is that search engines send more traffic towards pages with higher page rank on keywords embedded in search queries. This is the reason why backlinks are crucial for a page to get more traffic. Web traffic is the most important asset that determines the success and failure in digital marketing.

Fail Safe Ways to Increase Domain Authority

📅 Updated: Jun 21, 2018
Domain authority plays a key role in website search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing success. When a user type search keywords or queries in search engines, the search engine tries to fetch the result in certain priority. If search engine find indexed content matching the query keywords in more authoritative site, it will send it to the top (first page or closer to first page) even though it find great content pages with low domain authority.