Smart Strategies To Get High Quality Backlinks

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Nov 18, 2019 | Views: 782
Smart content and stats driven ways to get high quality organic backlinks. Bring tons of traffic with smart and adaptive SEO strategies. How to use tools and methods for your advantage
Orginic backlinks strategy components
are one of the most important off page SEO optimization methods. It helps build your link profile and earn higher page-rank.

How do you define a high quality back-link?
High quality backlinks are those links which come from high authority sites, domains from your working niche or from sites which has related interests.

What page rank does to a web page?
Search engines index web pages from internet and gives it a page rank for a set of keywords what it deems relevant to the web page. When a visitor searches a set of keywords, search engines list the relevant pages indexed for that keyword in the reversed order of page rank (highest page rank will come on top of that list).

The pages with higher page rank get the eyeballs of most visitors for the search terms.

What influences page rank?
This page rank is influenced by a number of factors. The most important among these off page SEO ranking factors is the number of do follow backlinks (external websites using your web page as a point of reference). The more external pages refer you, the more backlinks you get. The more back links you get, the more page rank you acquire.

Is only back link count matters?
Backlinks are great but it can hurt your ranking as well. Backlinks are endorsement by external sites about the validity, correctness and usability of your content. You stand a better chance of ranking with high number of backlinks, but low quality backlinks can also impact your SEO negatively.

What backlinks hurt my page and why?
Suppose you have a website (say a website of confectioneries) with amazing content and you acquire backlinks from technology, porn or gaming website. What will search engine conclude about your site? You have actually confused them. They might come to conclusion that this is just an attempt to gain more page rank and your content is not what you claim.

Search engine assume that you might be linked with restaurant, cafe, beverages, home delivery etc but you are not.

What is the obvious action once search engine find bad or un-related in-bound links?
They will reduce your page rank or even penalize your website by taking it out of the SERP. Once you are out of SERP, there is a very tedious and time consuming process to get back again.

Avoid acquiring backlinks from suspected sites, back-link farms as it does not guarantee you that you will get the link from your industry sites. It could come from any random sites. Getting such backlinks are called black hat seo technique.

This is the reason why getting high quality backlinks are crucial for a web page to get more traffic. Website traffic is the most important asset that determines the success and failure in digital marketing.

Million dollar question on content driven backlinks - Why will external websites link back to my page?
This is the most important question and is hardly answered. There are so many reasoning to it. Every blogger or writer who writes about a topic is not an expert on all related sub-topics to their post and without those subtopics covered, their post may not be comprehensive enough that other will recommend it for reference. Look at wikipedia! all their articles have external references in the content at the end for further reference and reading. Referring to an authority page for extended reading on a topic is a clear signal to search engines about the context of its content.

Giving backlinks to other pages are a great way to give completeness to your topic. This holds true for you and for others as well.
The Takeaways

  • Great content is a magnet to external sites.
  • Great content means good, complete and comprehensive content that cover paint points, related topics, obvious questions, FAQ, point of views, arguments and perspectives. Correlate your content with examples, patterns, trends to convince people. If your content fulfills your reader's objectives, your content is going to get a lot of back links. The authority sites will link you as they need such content for their readers.
  • Stats gets linked. Therefore, always add data, charts and analogy to support your article. These turn a simple article into shareable, reference worthy and valuable article.
Getting organic backlinks (natural backlinks) is hard when your pages have shallow content or they are low quality content. Always use smart backlinks strategies for both internal and external links but maintain the quality.

Quality content are comprehensive having the ability to remove all doubts of its readers.

Here are the ways to build quality organic back links naturally:

#1. Publish content that is original and unique

2.5 billion People use internet everyday in search for high quality content. They search for insights, inspiration, knowledge, business opportunities, new market, publicity, entertainment, hangouts, videos, buying and selling, banking, ticket booking etc. They like and share those links which touches them and as a result you and your website gets promoted. Some studies on user behavior observed that they have very little patience and they can leave your page within 5-10 seconds if they don't find what they were looking for. That mean stereotype contents are more likely to be dumped. 

People love to read original / new ideas on a topic

Be original and fresh in your writing. Make your content comprehensive enough so that it covers all queries of your readers. The content shall solve your audiences problems and pain points. They must also address the related questions. This is the best way to attract organic backlinks. All other methods revolve around quality content.Give an attractive title with appropriate keywords to your piece. Add suitable meta description of your content and think of it as an advertising opportunity. The title and description of your content help people figure out what they will find in the article. This is part of an on-page SEO. 

There are keyword research tools like Google Keyword planner, Ahref, Ubersuggest etc. Many free free tools are also available for keyword hints and research.

Avoid duplicate content at all cost. You can use online plagiarism checker tools to check duplicate content. Sometimes side bar contents are marked as duplicate content when you run site content audit. This is normal to have repeated content segment but your page shall have more unique content than repeated content.

#2. Social Media Strategy

Social media traffic together forms the bulk of Internet traffic. The traffic count of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other crosses the traffic generated by Google and other search engines. Google's has recently acknowledged that social signals are indeed a ranking factor and it getting more weight by search engines in coming days as more and more People hang out on social media. Social media profiling and social bookmarking is one of the easiest way to generate organic backlinks. Although they are mostly no-follow links, they generate tons of traffic. Use your Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other accounts to build your social profile and expansion of your social community.

Social Media Is Free and easy source of traffic.
The biggest advantages of social media are that it is free and you can build social bookmarks for your websites and build a sustainable social network. 

Keep posted on your social media accounts to build and expand communities. Never keep social profile incomplete as these profiles are used to verify your your credentials by some apps. if you do not have enough presence on social media, put more effort in social media engagements and update pages on popular social networks like facebook, twitter, google plus, tumblr, pinterest and linkedin.

#3. Join Blogger Community

Writers and bloggers do promote each other in the same or different niche. You can contact bloggers and draw curiosity in your niche to visit your website / blog, review posts and write about it on their own blog with do-follow links. You can also use copywriter’s services, bloggers and editors with good fan followings to write about subjects covered in your blog with a backlink. This promotional exchange program works well if you have a good relationship with other bloggers otherwise this is a difficult exercise with low return on investment (ROI).

#4. Guest blogging sites help in outreach

Outreach to your readers in your niche is what brings you success. Guest posting is proven way to get quality do-follow backlinks, branding and attract tons of web traffic. This definitely helps in your outreach program. This step also diversify your link profile and release you from over dependence on SERP.

CAUTION: The attempt to write guest posts just to acquire  backlinks is not the way to go and is a criminal act in the eyes of Google. But all bloggers are not alike in their intentions and hence there exist is a grey area.

Find popular blogs in your niche with domain authority (DA>30) that accept guest posting and then contribute with quality article. While writing your post, follow the guest post guidelines of the target blog. Insert important links relevant to the content written on your website but do not overdo it intentionally. Be a guest post writer and use this opportunity to build organic backlinks for your website.

Guest post submissions also help getting the traffic share from other websites and build a relationship with them in exchange of a quality article in return. It helps you increase organic traffic tremendously with few guest posts.

Not just you write a submit blog posts on other sites, you shall also accept guest posts. Accepting guest posts enhances your own blog with more articles and viewership.

Quora is a question answer platform where you can contribute and build your audience. Keep back link away and use it diligently. You can use many hangout sites other than social media platforms e.g. reddit, digg & triberr where people share contents and views.

Article is your assets. Assemble as much as possible. Every piece of writing is worth monetizing.

#5. Provide useful information to site owners

Provide useful information to outdated websites (or recently expired domains) owner and request them to add your page as an alternate resource, a back-link in exchange. There are broken link checker extensions for chrome that can examine the broken links on a site. Collect those web addresses and the contact details and write personalized email to connect with a similar alternative page that you have created. This way you are not just lending help but also giving them a relief from broken links problem. People looking for such support will link with your website and you will get long term relationship and referral traffic.

Here we referred to help outdated websites because such websites enjoy high domain authority due to their domain age and back linking them will help your website in a big way.

This is just one example, but you can help many more with different services.

#6. Offer Discount and Free Subscription

You can offer free subscription or discounts on your products / offerings in return of backlink on your page. This is a direct way of asking for backlinks. This is indeed a good way of building mutual relationship. At the same time it helps build your online community and expanded your outreach. The process also helps to boost your sales in case you are a manufacturer or producer of goods and services. Many of the sites offer free ebooks in pdf version on subscription.

#7. Insert detailed infographics in your content

The infographics are the data collated content in an image form that is easy to copy and share than the textual content. This also makes article easier to understand and pleasing to read. It takes some research work to collect those data and organize into an image but it is worth it. Provide embed codes for your readers so that they can use it on their sites and you will get the backlinks. These infographics are searched through and used in exchange of backlinks.

#8. Get interviews

If you get an opportunity to interview prominent celebrity in your niche, this is a great opportunity for you. Don't miss that.

Publish the interview using attractive title ob your blog. Share it with the person you interviewed and the media. This will attract tons of traffic to your site.

This is most likely that he/she will share it or mention it in their circles and social media. The information could be published on their own blog. This way, you get a high quality backlink from a celebrity.

#9. Get interviewed

If someone approaches you for an interview, this is again a great opportunity to get yourself mentioned along with your profile on others network.

#10. Stats are good for backlinks

The stats are extremely wanted by authority sites. Authority sites never speak something without backing of data. So, if you write your content with related stats from authority or government sources, they are more likely be linked and shared. Add full load of data into your blog post. If you are not comfortable with info-graphics, you can use tables to display the data in a clean and understandable way.

#11. Write social mention and good work quote

Don't be intimidated or refrain from writing about your competitors. 

Writing social mention, including your rival's quote indicates that your articles are free from bias and prejudice and you are a fierce competitor.

It also help your readers to judge you in a better way. If your article vouch for comparison, write about your competitors or about some ones who is in related trade. Send them an excerpt about it and ask if he/she want to add the referral to their website.

#12. Build Online Services for Free

This is my favorite way to build and earn backlinks. Online services are one of the best ways to attract backlinks. Unlike articles, online services or linkable assets cannot be copied or stolen. These services can only be consumed. Therefore, anyone who is willing to add such web based services to their portfolio, they will have to either visit your site or add a backlink. Online services have the potential to bring huge number of customers to your website and also earn you thousands of backlinks.

Way to build service page for non technical:
Building a new service might be tricky for non programmers, but still they can build service pages by incorporating embed code of many services offered by other sites on their own web pages. Doing this, they become service aggregators.

#13. Competitor Analysis could be a masterstroke

With competitor’s backlink analysis you can target those who are partnering or dealing with your competitor. To beat your competitor in SEO marketing, you can use many online competitor analysis tools like Ahref, Ubersuggest, Backlinkwatch etc. These tools or services reveal the back links of your competitor's website and help you to get a list of their associated websites. Competitors generally have the same kind of interest and having a list websites interested in such services a great backlink cheat sheet. Target them all with your own offers and value to acquire quality backlinks.

Now, your competitor's website and your website are at the same level in terms of backlinks strength. Now, the content, link structure and quality will dictate who wins in

PS: Keep structure of content consistent

In digital marketing, you must have a smart and structured content strategy in place since the content drives and influence People on the internet. Content means all contents – textual content, video content, images and animations, audio content, podcasts or a combination of media.

Wikipedia has the domain authority of 100 and very high page authority.
Did you ever bother why?
The short answer is that they have consistent content template, writing strategy. They follow a consistent presentation strategy. They write compact articles which are highly interlinked and cover many external resources and references. The include table of contents at the top section of article that allow users to navigate easily within the document.

As a blogger, you shall have a consistent and predicatble content template with your audience and their habits and choices in mind. After that, write unique, helpful and comprehensive content for your audience on your website.

Remember, you write for your audience. In every bits of writing evaluate if it is helpful to your users.
Such contents are a great resource for news editors, authors, popular media and other bloggers. They may like, share and publish your content and that will build a natural backlink to your website.

What is quality Content?
Quality content have different meaning to different People. Quality content attributes are:
  • It is well structured
  • It is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • It has a structure like headlines, sub-headings, highlights etc.
  • It has relevant information on the subject
  • It has links to related information
  • It has images and info-graphics

Content Template makes writing consistent, better and faster. These content naturally attract organic backlinks (organic backlinks are free backlinks that you deserve because you wrote a great content) without reaching out to other website owners.

Don't forget and refrain from linking to additional resources and references. A complete view of the subject improves its quality and is appreciated by your readers and search engines.

Editor's Approach

Holistic approach and following white hat SEO techniques can either earn you or build quality backlinks for your website. I personally use a . My personal approach is not to build backlinks for my website by commenting, contacting bloggers or other ways although all these techniques work to a certain extent. I would rather emphasize on creating high quality content serves real value for my readers. I would love to have passive backlink opportunity than actively trying for it. I invest in consolidating my articles and work more on building link diversity through articles and inviting comments.