Smart Ways To Earn Money From Website or A Blog

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Make millions from passive income with your home comfort. Smart ways and new ideas of 2019 to monetize your website or blog. SEO and digital marketing strategies realizes its full potential.
how to make money from a website
Your website is your digital asset and every asset has a value associated with it. Your website or blog is no different. it has value and more than that it has unlimited potential. You can unlock the value of your website or your blog and earn money by utilizing amazing content and putting to judicious use. This asset instill confidence in your customers when it is put to use to exploit its full potential.

Earning money with smart ways using website or blog provides you with a safety net of sustainable
passive income
. Earning money from website is not difficult but earning livelihood from website or blogging is a bit harder.

Many of us have made websites for us. Even if you don't own a website or a blog, making your first website is not difficult anymore. It is not even expensive. Know how much it cost to build a website.

Before taking a dig in earning money online using your website / blog, think like a seasoned business professional. You shall understand that the website is your asset and an opportunity to expand, build community, expand your market network and earn money online. You shall think yourself as a help to your customers / readers / prospects.

If you are a blogger - treat your blogs as a service that you sell in exchange of monetary benefits.

Now understand that making a website is an easiest part of the game. The next immediate step is to reach out and bring in your prospective customers to your website. Yo do it by using digital marketing and search engine optimizations (SEO).

Digital marketing and SEO has a crucial role in earning revenue from your website.  
You can learn more on SEO[1][2][3][4] here. Learning SEO yourself will take some time. If you want to draw traffic quickly, you can take services of a professional SEO.

Now, I will discuss the ways to monetize your website. You can choose one of them or a combination. It depends on the type of business you are in and the way you find it fit naturally to you.

The primary purpose of your website shall be to help in collecting data and leads of your prospects and visitors for you.

You can generate leads by  collecting information using inquiry form, newsletter subscription or to join a beneficiary program.

If you are running a blog, then collect data about your readers, comment writers and bloggers who write guest post for you. Make it mandatory to register before leaving a comment on your articles. 

If you have a company website or small private organization, you can also add a form to collect details of interested visitors. This builds your lead database for digital marketing and sales. Use this database for your marketing and sales purposes.

In the first step, where you have collected data of your visitors / clients from inquiry forms or newsletter subscription, this forms a mailing list and you build a community. Build stronger relationship with them using newsletter as a method to constantly add value to the relationship. These subscribers are your trusted and most directly linked customers/ clients. You can build products around their needs and up-sell to earn money very quickly. 

Newsletter  marketing is a great tool to promote and sell your products and services among your community. It is the most direct selling method and conversion rate is very high as compared to other methods.

Having a sound newsletter marketing strategy combed with a well crafted and targeted newsletter campaigns can be immensely beneficial. Such campaigns in the long term build a reputation and help in establishing your band.

You can display and sell products of different vendors on your website / blog. With website, you have an opportunity to be an affiliate of other brands and product lines.

Choose products that you know about and write in-depth details in order to educate your readers. Be an affiliate of the product and write about the merits, demerits, technical aspects and so many things with reasoning so that your visitors (if interested) get the better idea of the product. Being an affiliate marketing agent, you are a third party product consultant. If your readers are convinced and buy, you win the commission on sales.

As an affiliate, you become the brand ambassador of products you are affiliated with

Now a days, almost all products give affiliate marketing opportunities. If you are not sure, open Google, type in product + " affiliate" and you will get the page where you can become affiliate of that product.

There is no extra setup cost of e-commerce to up-sell those products. For any referral traffic coming to the the affiliate site, you will get affiliate commission as a percentage of sales on that order by the respective vendors. 

This is a very lucrative and most commonly used practice to monetize a website / blog. There are plenty of options of advertising on internet. Affiliate marketing is one of them. The online advertisement has many variations. You can design and sell advertising space on your blog website. These ads may be for a limited time period or on contractual basis. You can choose to fix advertisement in that space or allow the advertiser to place context sensitive advertisement on the fly. If you are operating a blog then, you can also insert advertisement inside your articles.

If your website is able to draw a good amount of traffic, you can sign up with pay per click advertising (PPC model of search marketing) with Google Adsense, or choose a mix of affiliate marketing programs and pay per click mode of advertisement. In this method, google will provide you a small piece of code to embed in your website (the place at which ad will appear) and google will start dropping advertisements based on the keywords of your document. You will get paid per click when your visitor clicks on those ads.

It is also known as CPM advertising. One unit of advertising revenue is earned when a page receives 1000 (M as in roman numerals) impressions on a web page. The impression must fall in a visible area. This is a good choice for a site with high volume of visitors (thousands) every day. CPM advertisement is offered by advertisers like Facebook and some affiliate programs.

In-text advertisement places hyperlinks directly into the text of web page. This form of advertising is more favorable for bloggers in particular.

In-image advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific image on a website is matched with related advertisements. For an example – When a user moves his mouse over an image, a small overlay on the lower segment of image appears. Pop up advertisements are also popular in which a popup adverts appear on hovering over an image for more than a specified amount of time.

You can sell part of your web page spaces for
context aware advertising
like Google Adsense. Advertisement will be posted from advertisers in this reserved space and if any of your visitors click on any of the advertisement, you get a commission on the click revenue earned by the advertisers.
Digital product is now a days easy to create and publish. With a website / blog, you can sell products like ebook, classroom teaching video lessons or digital services directly or indirectly. Since, this product or service is owned by you, there is no middle man and the entire profit from the sale goes to you. Although you can use third party market platform for accepting payment and delivery.

Almost all successful bloggers have written e-books on their favorite topics. They sell it on their website/ blog and on other marketing platforms like Amazon.

Using all your experiences, write an e-book on your expertise to benefit people. But creating a digital product or service is a time consuming and a tough task.

To sell e-books and digital services, you will need to convert your blog into an e-commerce site. It involves design, content, landing pages, shopping cart, checkout pages and payment gateways integration. For some people it may look daunting but it may attract lots of traffic and conversion for you.

Today, lots of free website CMS and e-commerce CMS are available. Some of the popular e-commerce CMS are: Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, BigCartel, 3dCart, Shopify, WooCommerce, Kartrocket etc. You can easily setup an e-commerce CMS and configure it to list and sell your products / services. Open source platform like Magento has the most flexible architecture and enjoy the highest share in online shopping website. Woo-Commerce is the most popular among WordPress enthusiast. It is available as a plug-in for WordPress installation.

If you have a website and like to start selling your products immediately without going into the nuts and bolts of e-commerce, you can start with opening account on Shopify.

If you have intangible digital services which requires demonstration or previews, then you have to build or set up your own e-commerce platform.

If your are registered as an NGO, Trust or Social service entity, you can start a donation receipt program for specific causes. Make request to willing participants in your community for contribution. You can ask for donation to continue your free public services without disruption. This is very easy with paypal account. You can create a button for donations using paypal account and add the HTML snippet to any of your pages.

Place a list of donors to motivate contributors and write good citations about the utilization of received donations.

If some of your website or blog pages are drawing high web traffic and user engagement, many companies may like to display their web banners on those web pages.

Most likely if you have written a good article on health issues, you will get subscribers for an ad on that page from pharmaceutical company.

You can fix few spaces on these pages for advertising in different ad sizes with respective rates and then monetize them. This may earn you fixed or monthly income which in turn help you to maintain working capital.

Good blogs draw lots of traffic and try to monetize 100% of internet traffic they attract. Blogs in general target a niche domain, but blogs that are targeting multifarious domain topics are more worthy than that of a specific niche. Many companies like to display their products on those blogs. You can attract lots of money by advertising on your blogs from independent sources.

People generally want to visit pages that helps them in some ways. For example, an EMI calculator on your page can be visited by thousands of visitors just to calculate the EMI on a preferred type and amount of loan. Advertisers in the credit market like those pages and like to display their advertisements on such pages. There are many utility pages on the internet like: keyword density calculator, SEO Analyzer, Google Position Finder and many more. These types of pages attract tons of traffic and is a definite choice for big advertisers.

We have discussed many monetization strategies which is simple and easy to understand. According to me this is one of the best website monetization strategy employed by many bloggers in United States (US). It is also getting popular in India slowly. In this business model, you create a website / blog in a specific
. Then use your skills to fill with unique and useful content. Make it popular with good digital marketing and SEO. Let the site grow the traffic to a specific numbers. This will turn your website a contender for acquisition in its niche. Sell the site with a descent value and start a new one in different niche.

There are many auction and site selling websites where you can sell yous website or blog. These are filppa and wesellyoursite. Flippa is an auction site, so you may get better than expected value on flippa for your website.

You can find find the value of your at site value calculator - worthofweb

A website can be created in any niche of your choice and you can make it popular in a span of 6 months. This means, on a personal basis, you can create and sell 2 sites a year on a whooping price of around $40,000 to $85,000 on average. If you master it, you can do it again and again for the rest of your career.

You can sell premium area of your website to third party advertisers and get a fixed value on it on yearly or monthly recurrence. Build a page to invite expression of interest from interested advertisers. These types of advertisement help you maintain a flow of working capital to maintain the service quality of websites.

  • Allow guest posts by web authors. It is also known as reverse guest posting. This makes your blog or website richer in content and help you increase your domain authority. This is a good method to a blogger with limited resources but high aspirations.
  • Take inquiry as a freelance web developer / web designer - Create a page accepting details of the visitor (including email address and mobile number) and offer them with your web development or designing services as a freelance developer.
  • Start a webinar around the topics covered in your website - This is a good idea to build a business model around the topic. It helps to build a cohesive network of related people. You can pitch for your future plans of the other related areas of your business as well. You can go in for sales and monetize the other services that is currently in offer.
  • Add Hire me page on your website - Here you can offer your specialized services to the interested visitors.
  • Offer consulting services - Create a separate page for the kind of consulting services you provide to your customers with details and a from to contact you via email or phone number.
  • Offer non-copy-able online service pages - This one is applicable to a blogger or website owner who has the ability to code and understand the underlying web technologies. You can create online services for free asking to register for unrestricted use of these services.
  • Sell your internal pages - You can allow to write content and advertisement by outside people on some of your internal pages. It is similar to rent out some of your rooms in apartment.
  • Offer content services - Offer writing of copyrighted content optimized for web.
  • Display popup advertisements - You can display popups on certain page visits by the customer. This is an annoying way of advertisement but it sometimes work. The chances of success in less likely as most of the browsers in modern time block such ads by default.
  • Create a job board - Job board opens another area of monetizing through your website. You can have a lot of prospective qualified applicants registered at your portal. You can send details of required candidates to employers and charge them directly. The other way is to ask a fee for resume access on an yearly basis from employers. 
  • Generate leads for other companies - When you collects leads from your website and blog, categorize your subscribers on gender, country, age, sex and topics. Then you reach out to sectors where these information are useful. Find out the players in those sector and sell them the relevant subscribers. They need that and may pay you handsomely for your effort.
  • Offer SEO services - Offer your SEO and digital marketing expertise by showcasing your SEO success. Offer an immense upfront value before them. After that you ask them for your services to execute that ideas.
  • Project yourself as a social media consultant - You can offer your social media expertise by projecting yourself as a smart and successful social media manager and consultant. Show what you can do with social media intervention to your clients and how can they reap its benefits. After that pitch for your services in packages.
  • Allow your website to fund raising opportunities to your members - Offer your website as a platform to meet lenders and fund seekers. There are NGOs and organizations that want to fund social causes in other countries but they lack the means to access that market. Be the collaborator and guess what! you get huge commission.
  • Set your website as a local directory services - You can help local artisans, electricians, plumbers, property dealers, carpenters, pest control agents, nurses find their client using your websites. You can charge a minimal registration amount yearly or monthly. Advertise your website in local newspaper, TV channels etc and send customers directly to your registered resource persons.
  • Allow customized profile services - You can offer your services to build custom online profile for your registered visitors
  • Buy / Sell updates on stock markets - If you have expertise or collaboration of experts in stock markets, you can start membership drive for novice stock investors. Serve them with daily tips to trade, long term investment ideas, short term trades with stop losses. You can charge decent amount of money on monthly / annual basis. This is a proven sustainable business across investor fraternity.
  • Paid premium content - Write awesome research on topics and publish few of its amazing content and ask for membership or premium amount to get the full content.
  • Start an online examination system - You can provide services of online examination system. Package them based on the number of tests / exams one can undertake for an annual or monthly subscription. You can also make a system suited for academic institutions.
  • Event registration system - Events are organized everyday by individuals, companies, trusts, NGOs etc. Success of these events lies with the footfall in the event. For that they need an online registration system for public. Sell customized online registration system to event host and event managers. This is a huge market a very few players are in it.
  • Provide solutions to students on past year papers - This is particularly helpful if you can provide answers to past year papers of the higher studies competitive exams. It is however also profitable for X - XII examination papers.

You can monetize or earn money from website without doubt. But making big money requires solid monetization strategies and digital marketing skills. The easiest ways are to allow advertisement from Google Adsense, but it is the least profitable way of making money. Affiliate marketing offers higher return on investment (ROI)  and is a good choice for many of bloggers and online marketing agencies. Community based online marketing requires a well structures IT infrastructure in place. Flip website business will require a very good foundation on SEO because traffic is the only asset that you can bring into sales funnel and make money. All in all, have fun with marketing and do experiments all will be well.

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