How To Earn Money From Website

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Jun 21, 2018
Ad earnings are great but not always the best in web commerce. SEO and digital marketing strategies monetize a website to its full potential and earn lots of money from your website. You can make millions from passive income while working from home
Earning money from website or earning
passive income
is not much difficult but earning livelihood from website is much harder. Many of us have made websites for self use or for the employer, but never thought of monetizing it. Either we are short of
website monetization ideas
or are not confident enough and avoided spending time on it. But one thing is for sure that building a good website with quality contents take a lot of hard work and this effort needs recognition and must be rewarded by monetary perks.

how to make money from a website
There are some more cases where we spend a lot of time in bringing traffic to our sites using search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. We also were active in social networking on popular social sites like facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram. Linkedin etc but hardly gone a step ahead to monetize this traffic. We discuss and learn about digital marketing[1][2], SEO techniques, SEO secrets, Social media optimization (SMO), Social media management (SMM) etc but we stay away from implementing it. Internet economy is larger than life now and value is spread everywhere on web. You can take your business global and make money easily once you have developed enough website monetization skills.

With currency exchange available via different gateways, we are now living in a multi currency realm. You can earn money in dollars in paypal account and get it into an Indian bank account in rupee denomination.

You should know that bringing organic traffic to your website is one of the most important tasks and is a first step towards monetizing website traffic. You can target Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa for organic and free web traffic using SEO practices. When I say this, I do not mean that website monetization cannot be done without organic traffic. You can do by achieving a mix of SEO, Pay per click advertising, cost per impression advertising, banner advertising, email newsletter advertising etc. Don’t be intimidated if you are not aware of these terms. It will be clear as your read through this article.

You can monetize your website with some simple sure shot methods and techniques. To maximize revenue and income from website, one shall understand the few basic know how’s.

This opened my eyes years ago
Once, I discussed about my fans club website to my professor and given him the stats how well my club is doing. He surprised me by asking a reverse question how much do you earn from it? I said I do it for fun and satisfaction. He said, you have wasted your time. It is ok to have fun but you shall also value your time and effort you put into your work. So pump up a plan and monetize the value you have created for your readers. Right now they are using everything for free and you are losing from last 3 years.

With websites, we the site owners contribute in making internet a pleasurable and convenient medium for consumers and users. A website address is not just to get an imprint on the business card; it is more than that. With websites, you can make money from internet and you can make money from home too.

Now, I will discuss some easy ways to monetize your website. You can choose any one of them or a combination depending on the type of realization you want:

The first and foremost work your website shall do for you to help in collecting data and leads about your prospects and visitors. If you are running a blog site, then you collect data about your readers, comment writers and bloggers who write guest post for you. If you have a website for company or small private organization, you can also add a form to collect details of interested visitors. This builds your lead database for digital marketing and sales. Use this database for your marketing and sales purposes or you can also share your leads to related professional organization. Here you are offering free services in exchange of client profile data for monetizing purposes.

If you have a blog / forum or community website, then you can build a mailing list for your community and build stronger relationship with them. With other type of websites you can build a list of visitors by registering them and offering some free services. They are your trusted and most directly linked customers/ clients. You can build products around their needs and monetize in very quickly. Email newsletter marketing will become a great tool for you to monetize your community and build stronger relationship with them. Having a sound newsletter marketing strategy combing a well devised and targeted newsletter campaigns can be immensely beneficial in your SEO link building and ultimately bringing a lot of web traffic.
Today, lots of website frameworks for e-commerce are also available like Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, BaigCartel, 3dCart, Shopify, WooCommerce, Kartrocket etc. You can easily build an e-commerce website or configure easily to sell your products and services. Here Magento has the most flexible architecture and highest share in online shops. WooCommerce, being a plugin of Wordpress, can be easily configured into wordpress sites.
You have the potential to make the most money on a per sale basis of ebook, digital product or digital service. Since, this product or service is owned by you, there is no middle man and the entire profit from the sale goes to you. Using all your experiences, write an e-book on your expertise to benefit people. But creating a digital product or service is a time consuming and tough task. It involves design, content, landing pages, shopping cart, checkout pages and payment gateways integration. For some people it may look daunting but it may bring attract lots of money directly to you.

You can also display and sell products of different vendors from your website. Or you can promote products online from various e-commerce vendors using your websites or blogs. This marketing method is called affiliate marketing. In this, you actually promote a set of products based on your understanding and expertise and convince your readers about the comparative quality and merits of the product. In this way, you become the product ambassador. Any sell that happens via your website affiliate link, you will get affiliate commission as a percentage of sales on that order by the respective vendors. 

If your are registered as an NGO, Trust or Social service entity, you can also request willing participant in your community for a donation for maintaining free access and quality services. This is very easy with paypal account. You can create a button for donations using paypal account and add the HTML snippet to any of your pages. 
Place a list of donors to motivate subscribers towards donation.

If some of your website pages are drawing high web traffic and user engagement, many companies may like to display web banners on those web pages. You can fix few spaces on these pages for advertising in different ad sizes with respective rates and then monetize them. This may earn you fixed or monthly income which in turn help you to maintain working capital.

There are many more forms of advertising on internet.
If your website is able to draw a good amount of internet traffic, you can sign up with pay per click advertising (PPC search marketing) with Google Adsense, or choose some of the affiliate marketing programs with pay per click agreement. In this method, google will provide you a small piece of code to embed in your website (the place at which ad will appear) and google will start dropping advertisements based on the keywords of your document. You will get paid per click when your visitor clicks on those ads. 
It is also known as CPM advertising. One unit of advertising revenue is earned when a page receives 1000 (M as in roman numerals) impressions on a web page. The impression must fall in a visible area. This is a good choice for a site with high volume of visitors (thousands) every day. CPM advertisement is offered by advertisers like facebook and some affiliate programs.
In-text advertisement places hyperlinks directly into the text of webpage. This form of advertising is more favourable for bloggers in particular.
In-image advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific image on a website is matched with related advertisements. For an example – When a user moves his mouse over an image, a small overlay on the lower segment of image appears. Pop up advertisements are also popular in which a popup adverts appear on hovering over an image for more than a specified amount of time.

You can sell part of your webpage spaces for
context aware advertising
like Google Adsense. Advertisement will be posted from advertisers in this reserved space and if any of your visitors click on any of the advertisement, you get a commission on the click revenue earned by the advertisers.

Good blogs draw lots of traffic and try to monetize 100% of internet traffic they attract. Blogs in general target a niche domain, but blogs that are targeting multifarious domain topics are more worthy than that of a specific niche. Many companies like to display their products on those blogs. You can attract lots of money by advertising on your blogs from independent sources.

People generally want to visit pages that helps them is some ways. For example, an EMI calculator on your page can be visited by thousands of visitors just to calculate the EMI on a preferred type of loan. Advertisers in the credit market like those pages and like to display their advertisements on such pages. There are many such pages on the internet like: keyword density calculator, SEO Analyzer, Google Position Finder and many more. These types of pages attract tons of traffic and is a definite choice for big adbertisers.

We have discussed many monetization strategies which is simple and easy to understand. According to me this is one of the best website monetization strategy employed by many bloggers in United States (US). It is also getting popular in India slowly. In this business model, you create a website / blog in a specific
. Then use your skills to make it popular and draw heavy web traffic. This will turn your website a contender for acquisition in its niche. Sell the site with a descent value and start a new one in different niche. A website can be created in any niche of your choice and you can make it popular in a span of 6 months. This means, on a personal basis, you can create and sell 2 sites a year on a whooping price of around $40,000 to $85,000 on average. If you master it, you can do it again and again for the rest of your career.

You can also sell premium area of your website to third party advertisers and get a fixed value on it on yearly or monthly basis. These types of advertisement help you maintain a flow of working capital to maintain the service quality of website.

You can monetize or earn money from website without doubt. But making big money requires solid monetization strategies and digital marketing skills. The easiest ways are to allow advertisement from Google Adsense, but it is the least profitable way of making money. Affiliate marketing offers higher return on investment (ROI)  and is a good choice for many of bloggers and online marketing agencies. Community based online marketing requires a well structures IT infrastructure in place. Flip website business will require a very good foundation on SEO because traffic is the only asset that you can bring into sales funnel and make money. All in all, have fun with marketing and do experiments all will be well.

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