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How much does it cost to build website in India?

📅 Updated: Sep 16, 2019
HOW Much? This is an intriguing but a comples question which is asked time and again by millions of user every day. To reach a realistic figure of a website cost is not always easy, but some prudent calculations can be made by calculating the costing factors affecting it like cost of domain, hosting, design, content, CMS and required functional modules to carry out the explicit business operations. Cost to build websites or web apps vary from vendor to vendor but it has a pattern. When you plan to build a website, there are few things that cost monthly, few things that cost yearly and few other things that cost once. This means that making a website and maintaining it has fixed as well as variable costs.

10 Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

📅 Updated: May 01, 2018
The first look of a website can build a lasting impression in the minds of customer. A good designer must work on the good designing principles and must avoid these common design mistakes. Its always good to have a consistent navigation and search box to find out the most relevant content...

How to protect from privacy breach by websites and mobile apps?

📅 Updated: Mar 31, 2018
Privacy in general or data privacy is an important part in everyone’s life. In this section we are keeping the discussion limited to privacy policy, data privacy and laws regulating data privacy. In this article, we will highlight common mistakes that causes data breach by websites and mobile apps.  You will find out the why you shall be very alert when submitting our details on websites.

7 Effective Homepage Design Tips

📅 Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Effective homepage and good design constitutes effective homepage design. Effective homepage is the landing page with ability to engage new and returning visitors and attract substantial web traffic as well. It provides a better user experience to its readers of all devices. The navigation shall be consistent and seamless. When design effectiveness is joined with a pleasing feel, it becomes an effective homepage design. Good design consists of better use of CSS, color palette, opacity, transition and animation. Designing a good home page is the first thing that a website owner likes to have. Making of a good and effective home page requires a few guidelines. Here, we are discussing few steps to achieve an effective home page design.

5 Reason why you should avoid free web hosting

📅 Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Free web hosting is offered by many hosting service providers, but you should understand that nothing comes for free. If someone offers you free service, they must be expecting some returns in some other ways that they can charge.

5 common issues with free web hosting

📅 Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Free web hosting is a tempting option and denying such offer is a hard choice. But keep your website value and business before falling into it. It has many demerits that may cost you losing your online customers. Here are few common issues with free hosting....