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5 Reason why you should avoid free web hosting

📅 Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Free web hosting is offered by many hosting service providers, but you should understand that nothing comes for free. If someone offers you free service, they must be expecting some returns in some other ways that they can charge.

5 common issues with free web hosting

📅 Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Free web hosting is a tempting option and denying such offer is a hard choice. But keep your website value and business before falling into it. It has many demerits that may cost you losing your online customers. Here are few common issues with free hosting....

How can I improve my website performance without being a programmer?

📅 Updated: Apr 26, 2017
Everyone wants a website that has best of the performance. The performance of a website depends on a lot of factors. Few of them can be controlled by naïve users to improve their website performance whereas few will require programmers. What is needed is to apply common sense and do the basics right. Here are few methods which one can use to boost their website speed without fail

Why do I need a website? First Step to Brand Building

📅 Updated: Apr 19, 2017
Internet is now an economy with 2.5 billion people. Be it websites, blogs, online market, affiliates, mobile apps, social apps or collaborative community all together constitutes internet economy.  If you like to be in this economy, think again why don’t I need a website and take your answer.

When someone asks or advise you to have a website for your business, the first question that strikes is that why do I need a website?

How to boost your website security as a developer

📅 Updated: Mar 05, 2017
Website runs over internet and Internet is a public and insecure medium to deliver content of application. You will always find hackers who are trying to steal data, money or critical information from a website. Some of them do it for fun as well.
If your website becomes popular, it becomes more vulnerable...

Improve Website Performance with Compression and Delayed Loading

📅 Updated: Oct 26, 2016
SEO analyzers (SEO Centro) and Page speed calculators (GT Metrics or Google page speed) prefers compression as a valuable parameter in determining the website speed.
Although it is true that compression (deflate or g-zip) helps retrieving data faster, but the real response may not be the same.