10 important tips to boost your SEO page ranking

By Neeraj Singh | Updated: Oct 30, 2019 | Views: 465
When you are using search engine traffic as the source of your business or as one of the driver of your business growth, Do proper SEO for each page of your web site. This will rank your pages higher and ultimately draw more organic traffic towards your website pages.

There are many things that you can do to improve page ranking, but here are few of the list that is to be executed in order of listing:

#1. Good and interesting page title is the key to attract users attention

Page title is the most important component of your page as it briefly describes the content. With page title users create an impression about the content and decide whether he should open it or not.

This is the first opportunity to infuse curiosity or raise interest in your readers.

Where millions of blog posts and articles are posted every other day on a topic, readers have a lot of choice. They tend to skim the viewport quickly to find what is interesting. If you lose this opportunity the user will probably pass your link and move forward. Therefore it is very important that you write great page title which echo well with your audiences.

#2. Write comprehensive and relevant content

Quality content is the key to succeed. Whatever you want to covey to your readers you do it through your web page and  Its content. What is quality content could be subjective but no one disagree that quality content is focussed, relevant and comprehensive.

It means you shall not just focus on the subject and discuss the topic. Try to give solution, mitigate the pain points, related questions, give references, add statistics to prove your points, convey your message with pictures, infographics, videos, podcasts etc.

You shall enrich users experience and your aiu readers will love you for that. This is why they visited your site.

Irrelevant content will repel your readers from coming back. Always write content which is relevant to its title..

#3. Meta description is an opportunity to advertise about your content

Meta description should describes your page and its context appropriately. Write a meta description (around 160 characters) for your page. Do not hesitate to use relevant keywords from your title and content but not overuse it. A good, innovative or exciting meta description motivate users to click on your link displayed in SERP.

As Google stated that meta description is not a ranking factor, it still has an effect when used in more interesting ways. It will help improve your CTR percentage (click through ratio) which is a short term ranking factor.

#4. Use keywords in URL

Presence of keywords in URL adds relevance and becomes easy to remember and share across. Try using the keywords of your page title and make it a part of your page URL.

At the same time also try to keep it short so that in SERP, the full URL could be visible.

#5. Heading tags

Use appropriate heading tags (h1-h6) in your document. These tags not only used for formatting but nested heading tags show up the hierarchical document structure to search engines. Use only one h1 tag on a page. Use your primary keywords in H1 tag. Try to keep document structure intact and hence do not jump heading tags from h1 to h3 or from h2 to h5 and likewise.

#6. Alt tag for images

Always provide an alt attribute to an image. It indicates search engines about the image and helps search engine in indexing images with your website. You can insert relevant keywords as you do with anchor text. Alt attribute is similar to anchor text in anchor tag.  The result will be shown if someone searches for an image.

#7. SEO linkages

Include social media links to your website. It enables search engine discover the amount of activity and type of work you do. It will also check the number of shares as a parameter to your content relevance.

#8. Backlinks

Backlinks are the inbound links to your site emanating from
external sites
. Search engine gather backlinks (the dofollow links) for each of your page and uses its algorithm to weigh your page against other similar pages. It also sends a signal to search engine that you are a serious player in your field. For this, you can ask your partners to add your site link on their site and you also link your partner’s site on your site.

When you are using search engine traffic as the source of your business or as one of the driver of your business growth, implement all SEO requirements[1][2][3][4] for each page of your web site. This will rank your pages higher and ultimately draw more organic traffic towards your website pages.

There are many other ways also to have back links like:
  • Help others and request them for a backlink.
  • Give some freebies in return of adding a backlink on their site.
  • You add content with their link and ask them to show up in their web site.
  • You can write to guest posts with a back link of your website.
  • You can join forum and write comments with backlinks.
  • If you write for other sites, you can add your profile with your website backlink.

#9. Add long tail keywords

Keyword research says that popular keywords are very competitive and chances of your page appearing in first few pages of search engines are unlikely. So research on long tail keywords and include it in your content to improve chances of your page coming in search results. It is one of the most important tools in today’s world as trend indicates that people are using microphone to search and in microphone they speak multiple naturally speaking words sequence for search.

#10. Text code ratio

Write good enough text content to stay up in ranking. Research says that pages that are on top of search engines for a particular keyword typically have more than 2000 words. Lesser content have less number of keywords which eventually do not attract more traffic.

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