What is Domain Authority?

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What is domain authority? Definition, meaning and understanding domain authority and its role in SEO and web traffic.
Domain Authority is an indicative number derived from the data collected from various sources (direct and indirect) on different parameters on constituent pages of your domain. This term was coined by Moz to help user understand the relative strength of their website on internet.

This score for domain authority varies from 1 - 100 on logarithmic scale. 1 means low DA and 100 means the highest DA.

How Domain authority is calculated by Moz?
Moz spiders crawls the net periodically and collects details about the websites on the internet from various sources. It applies its proprietary algorithms to compare pages, keywords, back links, social media engagements, inter-connection of pages (i.e. internal links) and many other factors / sub factors to arrive at a number for your website that tells you about the ability of your pages to rank on a search engines.

This number is an indicative and the purpose is to notify you about your website's current positioning ability on the web.

When you know your competitor's DA score, you know where and how far you need to cover up to outclass your competitors on a targeted keyword. By digging deeper into how Moz calculates the DA and what parameters it uses in calculating DA, you will be able to figure out what is missing and what is the road ahead for you.

Domain Authority and its insights play a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization[1][2][3][4].
Imagine you have written a blog on a topic and your competitor too have written the same topic. Having all other parameters same, what determines the page rank and how would a search engine place these similar content? Naturally, a blog with a higher domain authority will be picked by the search engines in order to place such articles,

FAQ Answers

The domain authority is a logarithmic score. What does it mean?
In simple terms, logarithmic score means that as soon as you scale up the level of difficulty to score higher will increase exponentially. It means - to score from 1 to 20 will be far easier than to score from 21 to 40. You will require more and more efforts to improve your DA as you go higher up the scale.

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