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Website Development Design & Maintenance Cost - India

How much does it cost to build website in India and other countries? This is an intriguing but a compelling question which is asked time and again by millions of user every day. To reach a realistic figure of a website cost is not always easy, but some prudent calculations can be made by calculating the costing factors affecting it like cost of domain, hosting, design, content, CMS and required functional modules to carry out the explicit business operations. Cost to build websites or web apps vary from vendor to vendor but it has a pattern. When you plan to build a website, there are few things that cost monthly, few things that cost yearly and few other things that cost once. This means that making a website and maintaining it has fixed as well as variable costs.

13 Top Trending Website Tools And Components - 2021

Whether you are a naive, amateur or professional, the future of web will flow in the direction of web development and your must have the sense of this trend. The online businesses / market has emerged as being the market of convenience and super ease of use model, the trends will be lead by the complex platforms with a collection of web components that makes web application development and integration process extremely easy, integration of artificial intelligence in social and online business market place, CRM (customer relationship management) and many more.

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Top 30 Off-Page SEO Techniques To Rank #1 in Google

Content is your fuel to off-page SEO techniques. Whether you are an introvert blogger or a professional no one can disagree on the importance of creating quality content. Content is what people consume and is the most important component of online content marketing. High quality content when combined with off page SEO techniques can make your traffic skyrocket. Simply speaking on page SEO has its limitation of reaching out to wider audience which is filled by the off page SEO techniques and best practices. New ideas like launching awards, webinars and...

The Ultimate Guide To On-Page SEO Techniques

Here is a complete guide on proven on-page SEO techniques for beginners to SEO consultant. This help increase page rank and widen your audience profile. This guide make sure that you help search engines in better understanding and collecting your website information. These SEO techniques relay page information to Google and other search engines.

The secret to rank for high competition keywords

5 steps to out rank your competitors on your target keyword phrases. This all starts with the way you perceive SEO optimization. For ranking on competitive keywords, you will need to have a solid SEO strategy, online marketing skills and patience. You will need phase by phase plan and ready to spend at least 2-3 months time.

How to Setup Apache PHP MySQL on window 7

Many of us migrate from one development environment to other. I wanted to shift to Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 for acquiring more freelancing jobs. I had developed a web framework for Web apps and mobile apps on Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 on Windows 7, as I was a student of that technology and was very comfortable with that.

How to Increase Domain Authority Of Your Website

UPDATED April 2, 2018
Domain authority plays a key role in website search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing success. When a user type search keywords or queries in search engines, the search engine tries to fetch the result in certain priority. If search engine find indexed content matching the query keywords in more authoritative site, it will send it to the top (first page or closer to first page) even though it find great content pages with low domain authority.

Best Strategy To Get High Quality Backlinks

UPDATED March 5, 2017
Backlinks are central to SEO optimization. It is the most important factor in allocating pagerank to web pages and blog posts. Search engines send more traffic towards pages with higher page rank on keywords in search queries. This is why backlinks are the most important factor for a page to get more traffic. With good quality backlinks on high authority sites, you get a lot of referral traffic. Web traffic is the most important asset that determines the success and failure in digital marketing and sales.

How To Build A Donation Website For Your Non Profit

UPDATED September 13, 2019
Building donation website is as simple as building or configuring e-commerce web application. Here, you are making a product (donation) with variable pricing with a initial price set say $20. The other options are where contributor decides the amount of payment for donation and he is allowed to choose the cause.

Smart Ways To Earn Money From Website or A Blog

UPDATED August 29, 2017
Your website is your digital asset and every asset has a value associated with it. Your website or blog is no different. Your website or blog is no different. Unlock the value of your website or your blog by amazing content and put to judicious use. This asset instill confidence in your customers when it is put to use to exploit its full potential. Read ahead - the smart ways you can put you can utilize your website / blog to earn consistent money. Good Digital marketing and SEO practice will maximize the benefits. Know how?

10 Problems eCommerce Business Faces Commonly And Need To Resolve Urgently

UPDATED October 4, 2016
As a successful e-commerce venture opens new scope for business opportunities and finances, it also throws up challenges and new set of e-commerce problems which is common these days, but you have to deal with it. At times, these are technical, strategic, operational, legal or country specific. E-commerce business operating rules and SOP are not same across the world. Every country have set their own mechanisms for operating in their region. You would have to focus on solving issues and challenges related to critical component of e-commerce operations like shipment, transactions, refund, fraudulent and human resources before you begin.

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