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How much does it cost to build website in India?
HOW Much? This is an intriguing question which is asked time and again by millions of user every day. To reach a realistic figure of a website cost is not always easy, but some prudent calculations can be made by calculating the costing factors affecting it like cost of domain, hosting, design, content, CMS and required functional modules to carry out the explicit business operations. Cost to build websites or web apps vary from vendor to vendor but it has a pattern. When you plan to build a website, there are few things that cost monthly, few things that cost yearly and few other things that cost once. This means that making a website and maintaining it has fixed as well as variable costs.
Web Components that can change Trends of Web App Development
Whether you are a naive, amateur or professional, the future of web will flow in the direction of web development and your must have the sense of this trend. The online businesses / market has emerged as being the market of convenience and super ease of use model, the trends will be lead by the complex platforms with a collection of web components that makes web application development and integration process extremely easy, integration of artificial intelligence in social and online business market place, CRM (customer relationship management) and many more.

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How an Artificial Intelligence can impact blog marketing business?
How an Artificial Intelligence can impact blog marketing business?The well known and most used Artificial Intelligence or Analytics software for bloggers is Google Analytics. Integrating AI with your blog can impact your blogging interactions positively and have the potential to change the way people do blogging and readers read the blog. We have discussed the potential impact of an Artificial Intelligence in your blog marketing to grow your blog and digitization business as a whole.
What is the right price to buy a stock?
Building best investment portfolio needs cherry picking stocks. Stock prices are volatile. Picking and buying stocks at right price can be a goldmine for lifetime but buying stock at the right price is not always easy. You can make this as easy as bank deposit. Beginners can start with tips and concepts in this article, I made all time best return on my major investments...

You might have felt frustrated by the fact that whenever you bought a stcok the prices eventually slide down a lot and when you are sold out, the prices rose up a lot. So what is the right price to buy a stock becomes a nagging and intriguing issue.
WEC: India Developed A Mobile friendly Website Design Framework over ASP.Net 4.0
Finally, India has developed an indigenous web application framework and mobile friendly website design framework WEC [Web Expression Core]. It is built with an aim to develop the fastest and the most secure web applications or websites over http protocol.The system is a complete web framework built over ASP.NET 4.0 and MSSQL database. You can find its model implementation on www.wexcore.comwww.webace.in.



8 ways to get organic backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in page ranking. And this is the reason why backlinks are traded today. But there is a caution: Search engines rate those sites which provide cheap backlinks and rank them as spammer. In case, you have backlinks from such spamming sites, your ranking may dip or your website may be black...

10 important tips to boost your SEO page ranking

When you are using search engine traffic as the source of your business or as one of the driver of your business growth, Do proper SEO for each page of your web site. This will rank your pages higher and ultimately draw more organic traffic towards your website pages.

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What are the ways to monetize your website?

Monetize your website with some real simple methods and techniques. Realize full revenue potential from lead generation to business expansion.
Why do we want a website in first place? Have you ever asked this question to you? If you haven’t yet, do try to find out an answer.

Common e Commerce Problems And Solutions

If you wish for a successful e-commerce venture, find and solve issues and challenges that affect your e commerce business before they crop up. Leaving it for later may hurt you badly. You also need to solve issues and challenges that can affect your e commerce business. One of the challenges is to select a good e commerce platform.

Myths and realities of a successful eCommerce business

There are multiple examples of entrepreneurs that have made millions through e-commerce and built a successful business on the web. online store is becoming a convenient way of transacting for shoppers. At the same time, many entrepreneurs enters in online store business hurriedly and unprepared and suffer great business losses and damage of reputation.
The entry to online shopping is more complicated for those entrepreneurs who are particularly not technology saavy and may face difficult times achieving their online business objectives.

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